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Hi everyone~! Are you ready for the Play-offs? We finally get to vote! The coaches have all picked their favorites, now it’s time for America to decide who wins it all.

I missed Tues and Wed shows, so I do not know who Adam or Miley picked as their finalist so this should be an entertaining show. We get to watch the top 12 sing their hearts out. One will be going home Tuesday night. I am going to try, to do the xfinity voice vote though I am not very tech savy I will sure try till I get it right.

First up is Brooke from Miley’s team. She has a beautiful voice. It was a beautiful way to open the show.  I don’t know the song, but she sure has a powerful voice.  She wants to be a Pop/Soul artist.

Looks like Red is up next, from Blake’s team. If you like pure country you love Blake and Red. Blake just has this thing that old country is going to suddenly becomes popular again. I’m not so sure. Red does a good job but just needs to pop open those blue eyes more often. I may take some flack for this but I don’t see him as the final four. He will though, have a great career to follow thanks to Blake. I see him opening for top country stars in the future. Speaking of final four, the top four will all get to have their first solo song produced from the shows top car ad contributor. (Ford?)  I don’t watch commercials and that blurb was fast from Carson I just know it’s a car company.  I guess if they offered me a car, I would promote them but that’s not happening so it’s a car company till I hear it later in the program.

Shi-Ann is up next. She is a tiny 15 yr old girl with a powerful voice. My hat’s off to Jennifer for being the best coach of all. She just brings the best out of her people.  Wow, this girl has a golden voice like Mariah Carey.  Her mom is so proud! So is Jennifer. She is going to be huge in the music industry.  I like her.  Check her off for some votes people, she is amazing.

Adam is now coaching Jon.  He wants to be a soul singer, and wow, he is amazing too. He came to compete and to win!  He has a wide octave range but didn’t seem quite as effortless to get there as Shi-Ann did. Maybe it will come down to song choice. Good job for Adam and Jon.   

Miley’s second artist is up. She has three girls on her team.  Ashland is singing Delta Dawn. She looks like a star!  She just takes command of the stage.  She is pure country, seems a bit nervous but did a great job for herself, her mom and dad and for Miley.   

Adam’s second artist is up next. That would be Adam. He did a great job too. Nervous, it showed, and then came back strong. He is a crowd pleaser for sure. Good song but it seems to slow the show down for me, I would rather listen to the faster songs at this point.

Chloe is up next.  Blake has done a great job coaching her.  She is definitely a fan favorite and was top favorite in the knockouts, and wow. She just blew me away.  She has the best concept to draw in the people to her.  Amazing performance, awesome backdrop…she thought of everything. Star power all the way.  Blake is very proud of her too.  I would buy her tunes, and will vote for her as well.

Davon is now going to perform from Jennifer’s team.  He is really good.  Amazing he can sing a Beyonce song.  I would have picked a different song but he is way up there for sure, the whole audience is up and moving and clapping while he sings.  The audience loves it and Jennifer throws her shoe for him.

Addison is up next.  She is also a high school student.  She has a beautiful voice and will be great in the future no matter what happens tonight, she will get a vote from me too at some point.  This girl has courage beyond comparisons.  She made me stop typing to watch her.  Amazing little girl.  She looks really great, audience loves her. Miley hit it on the nail, the girl has confidence past her years.

Kiesha is up next.  Blake is a good coach.  She is dedicating to her mom and she has a voice everyone wishes they had.  She is doing her own twist on country  music and she could sing anything.  She looks amazing, crystal clear voice. Blake is super proud of her. All four coaches up to applaud her.

Jennifer has her worked cut out for herself with Noah.  He also is amazing.  He is an alternative music genre that will relate to lots of people and just has that perfect stage presence. He is going to have all the young girls voting for him.  He is ready for the big time.  The band is amazing with him.  

Last performance of the night, team Miley’s Janice.  I know this woman is going to fly to top of the charts as well.  She dedicates this to her husband.  She looks amazing, sounds like pure sweetness, worth the last performance of the night.  She goes from soft to raspy to sweetness all in one.  She looks so happy up there.  Blake throws his boot to her…it was really a performance.  Miley is still standing, she is super proud of her. She definitely delivered.  

Ok folks, voting is open.  Pick your favorites, don’t let them go home. I waited and waited to see which car company was going to fund the top four first solo songs, never did hear it, not even in Carson’s ending words so I will look for it during Tuesday nights show.  That was a good show. Don’t forget to vote~!!  Enjoy your day.



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