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The Big Bang Theory Recap

It’s movie night and the movie is about a rivalry between Tesla and Edison, which leaves the guys mocking Penny. Amy loves Sheldon’s fiery scientific talk but he Jim Parsons’ is really just a comedic genius. He can make anything funny. Penny concedes that the documentary they watched was actually pretty good even though Leonard continues to tell corny jokes regarding it and makes Penny laugh over and over. The guys are going to see the Tesla Recoil and Leonard invites Sheldon to come along but he says he can't because he's busy and of course, Leonard is super curious as to what it is. It turns out that he was asked to come back and work for the military despite the rest of them being fired. The guys contact the military to find out what Sheldon has and Colonel Williams says that he named himself team leader; he was assertive and went to the air force behind their backs based on a group proposal and now they feel hurt. Amy is the one who was hurt as she stubbed her toe and it made Sheldon crack up to no end. He is compared to Edison and that is a stab in the back to him.

Ruchi and Raj stop by to see Bernadette and drop off flowers from her colleagues. Bernie does not believe enough people like her at work to bring her anything and Ruchi just smiles and tells her to take all the time she needs to relax since she is still on bedrest from her second pregnancy. This leads Bernie to believe that Raj’s new lady is after her job and she probably is not wrong. While in bed, Ruchi reveals that with Bernie gone, she is responsible for all of her projects and hopes she won't be back too soon. Raj goes to seek advice from Penny who tells him that he needs to talk to Bernie about this or it will be a bad situation and he cannot be with someone who is hurting a good friend of his. He is not thinking with his brain.

Leonard and Howard are working in the lab and they are coming up with all of these new developments which they want to bring to the military the same way that Sheldon did to them. They thought that they needed his brain but turns out, they didn't. They went to the scientist with the lisp, Kripke, for help and Sheldon walks in and see this, feeling betrayed. Raj goes and tells Bernie what Ruchi is up to but then he tells Ruchi that he stood up for her to Bernie and then she dumps him, saying he is not her boyfriend and she does not need someone to stand up for her. He ends up eating ice cream in bed with Bernie.

Guess everyone CalTech is screwed because Sheldon lost his job with the military and Kripke took the group’s idea to the military and no one has the job. And such is life!

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