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Raj wants to go to a bar with the boys...to watch cricket. Why? Nothing about that is amusing to any of them but Raj. Fortunately, Bert asks Sheldon to help him with a geology research project but that is clearly beneath him. Leonard questions why Sheldon would turn down the chance to work with a top geologist and Howard is all for anything other than cricket. After lunch, Sheldon quietly sneaks away to see Bert and tell him that he will work with him but on the complete down low when no one can see them.

People love cricket! Howard has accompanied Raj to the bar to watch the game/match and they see one of Bernadette’s female friends who says she could not get anyone to come. It is a bar filled with Indians who are super passionate about this sport and it looks like Raj may have found a love connection, leaving the window open for Howard to bolt. Meanwhile, at the college, Bert and Sheldon are working together when Amy calls and asks where Sheldon is. He says he is at his office but she calls his bluff as she is waiting outside with dinner. As fast as Howard ran out of the bar, Sheldon ran to his office to act like he had been working in his office the whole time.

Sheldon rushes home after dinner and asks to talk to Penny. He confides that he has been working with Bert but he is ashamed of the field. She wants to know why he has come to her over something science related and he says that it is about reputation. Since she has one but holds her head high, she can give proper advice to which she promptly tells him to go...himself.

It looks like Raj has slept with his new lady and though she wants to keep it casual, everyone knows he is incapable of such a thing. He is such a romantic and she may be, as well but only time will tell. With Bernadette on bedrest, Stewart and Howard need to divide and conquer between her and the baby. Looks like the baby is less of a struggle and far less demanding...and loud. At school, the guys are eating lunch as Howard jokes that his wife has completely transformed into his mother. Bert comes over to return Sheldon’s jacket and it is revealed that they are working together but that Sheldon is embarrassed by geology. Bert decides he does not want to work with Sheldon anymore and the guys are shocked by the way Sheldon behaved towards someone so smart and genuine.

Raj is at dinner and explains that he has no experience with casual relationships. As he tries to ease in, everything his date says, no matter how gross it is, sounds gorgeous in his mind. At home, Sheldon is nursing a giant rock when Amy walks in and wants to know what he is up to. She tells him that he never cared what people thought before even when he should have so why care now. Back at the restaurant, Raj’s date is clearly his opposite; she almost refers to him as a “teenage girl.” She overanalyzes the meaning of love which rubs Raj the wrong way because she makes it too scientific.

Sheldon goes back to Bert’s office, begging for his forgiveness when he opens the door further to see that Leonard has taken his spot. Leonard loves how Bert can shoot Sheldon down so he is ready and willing to learn from him. Raj is telling Howard and Bernie about his date but Howard is trying to get him to realize that a purely sexual relationship is okay. Bernie thinks Raj is a lost cause but suddenly, it all clicks and Raj jumps up to go see his new girl. Raj has learned how fun casual sex can be while Sheldon is lusting after Bert now that he has let him go.

Next week, the guys work with Sheldon’s worst enemy.


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