sept25 The Voice
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Written by Cozy2

Hi everyone~!  The battles continue…only 6 artists left, and only 3 will advance. I think Jennifer is the only one left with a steal for this round. I hope that my favorite is competing tonight!

In the first battle, we have Katrina and Chris singing. This should be a really good battle. If the others have no steals left, one is a winner, one goes home.  Jennifer is such a good coach. She really adds moments to the performance that enhances the vocals for sure. Chris is up first. He is singing “I put a spell on you” . He sure leaves it all out there for the crowd. The boy can sing. Now here comes Katrina, the kickboxer instructor, little thing, with the voice that can sing without a microphone. Bam, she hit it out of the ring, the room the tv!! Holy cow she has a voice that doesn’t quit! I choose her. Jennifer picks Chris. You gotta be kidding me. Oh well, good luck to him, and to Katrina, the future is gonna be bright for her. You go girl.

Next up is Megan and Red from Blake’s team.  I am not the in the know for country singers, so I am just picking by who entertains me the most. I am sure all you country fans are loving both of these voices.  Can either of these beat some of the other huge voices? I don’t think so but I’m wrong a lot with this show. Megan sings first, she is ok, I think she seems extra nervous tonight. She puts a big smile on Blake’s face. Red is singing next. He is total country. My dog is even howling at the moment. I choose Megan, Blake chooses Red. No steal so Megan goes home.

Adam’s duo of Anthony and Hanna Rosa are the last duo of the night. Anthony sings first. He is nervous. Young, a senior in high school, and he is going to have girls drooling all over him. He is going to be good as he matures, but not quite the edge I would have thought for the last battle of the night. Hanna Rosa sings and blows Anthony out of the ring. Wow. I choose her. Anyone who can sing Rhianna like that, deserves to be in it to win it. Adam chooses Anthony. Really? I guess my ears just are toned deaf but thank goodness Jennifer steals Hannah away.

Somewhere along the way, I think I misplaced my favorite singer Kaitlin, and will have to go back and see if she just didn’t make the show, or the elimination round this time. Hope you all enjoyed the show. Next week these voices are going to be huge. I hope they get to rest. Me, I wish I could start voting for these guys right now!

Ok everyone, next week, a three day event, the Play-offs, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Get your snacks ready so you don’t miss a thing! Enjoy your day.


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