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By Mandi Nowitz

Howard is preparing for his upcoming vasectomy so he is stuffing his face, knowing he won’t be able to eat for 12 hours. Raj is sympathy eating while Sheldon is so excited upon learning the news that his favorite kid’s show “Professor Proton” will be coming back. He wants to audition because he thinks he would be perfect for the part. Of course, he thinks he is perfect for everything. The following morning, Ra and Bernie are waiting with Howard for his procedure. The only calm one is Bernie and that is probably because she has been pregnant twice in two years. He is in a lot of pain, post-op so Raj does his best to play nurse while Bernie plays mommy.

Penny and Leonard watch Sheldon’s audition tape that Amy filmed and it was awful, mainly because it showed how much he hates kids. Plus, it was extremely long and Amy found it super boring. He agrees to reshoot it with the help of a professional actor and Penny is flattered until he shows up at Wil Wheaton’s home...to ask for Patrick Stewart’s number. He won’t give it to him so Sheldon settles for Wil as his coach. Shortly after, the new Professor Proton has been casted and it is not Sheldon. Shocker. It’s Wil Wheaton. Sheldon goes to talk to the late Professor and he does not want to talk to Sheldon either.

Bernie ran to do some errands while Howard was resting, one of them being a doctor’s appointment and she was put on bedrest by her OB/GYN. Now, both Bernie and Howard are both stuck in bed until Penny drops in on them. She offers to help and they are both reluctant because they think she is not good with children but then they give in. Penny says that she raised her baby pigs back in Nebraska until they were slaughtered so the baby will be fine. That instills a lot of faith. At the college, Sheldon is determined to get the new Professor Proton show taken off of the air.

No one trusts Penny to watch the baby so Amy comes to check in on her and that hurts her. However, she is on top of everything and she is aware of the fact that Amy is a spy and lets Howard and Bernie know that when they ring their cyber bell. They are listening to Penny change the baby when she says her first word: Mama and now she cannot wait to rub it in Howard and Bernie’s faces after they did not think she could be a good caretaker. Sheldon is still trying to talk to the old Professor Proton and he is tired of meeting him in the gloomy woods. He is also still tired of Sheldon.

Next week, Sheldon seeks advice from Penny on his career.


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