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Hi everyone! Premiere time again! This battle of knock out rounds gives us double the pleasure as the coaches now pair their teams to knock out each other by choosing their own songs.  The coaches now have a chance to steal once again, I am sure they will be particularly careful as this night goes on. Let the battles begin!

First up, the coaches welcome Kelly Clarkson as next years new coach. I already can’t wait for that to get started. She is hysterical. Adam and Esra is Blake’s first battle. Kelly is there to help coach them along. She is such the giggle bucket but really has good advice for them. Adam just leaves it all out there with all he’s got but many have that voice..Ezra is nervous, the stage presence has room to improve but he wins this battle for me…Adam picks  Ezra. That had to be tough to sit there and watch their battle contestant perform out there  like that. Adam the coach steals Adam the contestant right away?? I didn’t think he was all that..watch he will prove me wrong once again.

Jennifer’s first knock out round is Lucas and Cheyenne. Two soulful voices. Lucas is first up, does a good job super voice but pushes a bit too much for me. Cheyenne is up now, a 15 year old power house. Wow. She is like a Minnie Whitney. Blew me away. Her octaves above it all. Omg. If she gets a bit more control and stage presence she is going to be huge. Huge like a queen Bee! No doubt I pick Cheyenne. Jennifer chooses Cheyenne. No one steals Lucas will he go back to singing at the Dollar General? I would tip him if he sang to me at one I go to!

Next we have Adam’s team of Addison and Dennis. Dennis is a huge rocker dude, Addison a 16 year old folk/soulful storyteller singer. Addison is up first, she looks incredible. She has a really nice soothing voice, really soft and beautiful. Dennis now sings, and plays he guitar really well. Between the two, I choose Dennis. Will he win it all? No. but he is really good and will go a long way after the show. Adam chooses Addison. No one steals Dennis off he goes.

Miley gets a stab at the fun now, and she has Janice and Karly battling it out. Kelly just keeps on giving her love and attention to the contestants before they sing.  Karly sings first, she has a smooth 70’s genre style voice. She sang most of the song with her eyes closed. It was beautiful but only if I wanted to have something to sleep by. That type of soothing voice. A bit pitchy for me. Janice now, wow…she is a voice to be reckoned with.   She has stage presence, uses the whole ring to entertain us. I choose her! Miley chooses Janice. There is no doubt in that challenge she was really good. No one steals Karly and has to go home.

Jennifer has Davon and Eric. This is going to be a tough choice to choose between them. I cant wait to hear Jennifer sing with someone she has such a great voice. Eric sings first. He has massive control over his voice. He is trying to display every note he could possible sing, I get it, but not enough to see him in a concert but for sure buy his next single. On comes Davon, he has to deliver big time after that performance from Eric.  He draws in the audience but voice wise, Eric tops him, I have to say, I choose him just the same. Davon’s personality lit him on fire. Jennifer chooses Davon. No one steals Eric either so see ya later to make it on your own.

Miley gets  the final knock out of the night with Chloe and Ashland. Ashland has a huge country voice but singing a rocker type song in a country style.  She is worth the last battle of the night. She looks awesome. Sings like the powerhouse she is, that is going to be hard to beat, but here comes Chloe singing ‘landslide’…she has a beautiful voice too. Wow.  She is infectous. I sure hope both of these get to stay. I choose Ashland. Miley choose Ashland too. Double steal for Chloe, she has to pick a new team Jennifer or Blake. She chooses Blake.

Well everyone, that was a really good show. I am looking forward to the next round of competitors. My favorite person has yet to compete. Enjoy your day.



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