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Hi everyone~! Monday night’s performances were a blast to watch, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us on Tuesday! The season is going to be a tough competitive struggle for the top elite vocalist, these guys are all really good. Beyond good, they all could make a single right now that I would listen to. The final battles of this round will be completed tonight.

First, Kelly Clarkson is going to be a judge next year! That should be I real hoot! I have watched her grow up from American Idol and I can’t wait to watch it already. She gives the best interviews, love her music.

Blake is up first and his last paired battle are Natalie and Adam. These two are not only fantastic vocalists, they are excellent musicians. This is going to be a real battle. Wow..they were so good, seasoned performers even though they are about 20 years apart! I choose Natalie, she is going to be a new hottie on the Nashville circuit, I could be wrong but she is special. Blake chooses Adam. I loose again. There is no judges steals left to ‘steal’ Natalie and that is a pure shame.

Ignatious and Eric are next for Jennifer. This should be a really good battle. Ignatious was the video snapchat winner who got a chance to audition. These two have the best coaches for their powerful voices. And the harmonies are so good and blend together like they were singing for years. I choose  Ignatious. Jennifer has to be biting her fingernails knowing one may have to go unless Blake saves one of them. Wow, a great battle that was. Jennifer picks Eric. I lost again. Blake doesn’t use his steal. I would have been stealing that boy away for sure. Blake must feel he would have to go up against Eric again, and Ignatious wouldn’t pull thru. I think Adam is going to scoop him up in the real world after the show.

Miley’s turn. Ashland and Megan’s country battle should be good too (this is Blake’s last chance to steal…do you think he does? I do!). They look awesome, beautiful voices. Miley does a great job pairing voices, talent and songs. . I choose Megan, she is just a smooth country singer. Miley chooses Ashland, I lost once again! Of course, Blake makes the steal wahoo! She is worth the steal for the end of the show, and the battle rounds.

So here we go people, on to the individual performances for the judges into the knockout rounds. Each judge will only get one steal in this round. I am more excited for next year at the moment and to watch Kelly Clarkson interact with the panel and the audience. Until then, ill just have to see where the knockout rounds take us. That was a really fun show to watch. I like the hour long show much better than the two-hour show..it just seems more exciting to me for some reason. Hope your favorites are still in the competition. Enjoy your day.



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