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Hi everyone~! Who is dressed for success tonight? Who has rested their voices and ready to battle it out? Is your favorite still in the competition? Crank up the volume and let the Battles continue…

We are now ending the first round of Team Battles. I liked the beginning of the show, chatting with the coaches and a few second of battles to come. First up is Jon, and Brandon from Adam’s team.  Adam is a great coach, gives them both great advice. These two have awesome voices but I like Brandon’s smoothness and vulnerability over Jon’s seasoned voice. Who does Adam choose? Jon. Not surprising, he is amazing in falsettos. They both are going to go far in life, I would buy Brandon’s first album.

Next up, Blake’s team and his battle team Brian and Red.  If you like country music, Rascal Flats is a great mentor along with Blake. These boys both have the jitters..I feel like Brian took over the lead and kept it thru out the song. Red kept his eyes closed for most of the song. Neither will win the whole chabang…you country fans can prove me wrong! These two are true country singers and omg Blake picks Red. That’s two I have picked wrong this show!!

Miley’s team gets a shot with Addison and Carly. Miley adds the young pop edgy side to the show. Billy Ray and Miley are a great mentor package and really help these girls shine. Wow, they did an excellent job with a slowed down Cyndi Laper song Girls just wanna have fun. I think Carly was amazing. Miley choose Carly. I finally won one! Adam and Jennifer go for the steal with Addison.  Addison chooses Adam.

Then the show has a few battles we didn’t get to see, but Blake chooses Anna Catherine  and Jennifer picks Jeramiah, and Emily wins with Blake.   I can’t type quick enough to get who they battled against and my rewind will not seem to work. On to the second hour after another battle pursues.

I am surely ready for the next step in this process. I hope we get to see a little bit more one on one with the coaches and mentors. I am still trying to figure out who gets to pick the music in future battles against other teams, the coach, or the contestant or combination of both. These vocalist seem to be more invested in their own future than some of the other singing shows, and the talent is amazing. I would love to have the job of listening to all of the contestants, what fun would that be?  I hope your favorites are still in the running, so far, my hunch is that a woman just may win it all, what about you? Enjoy your day.

Hi everyone~! We are on to the end of part three and on to the second hour of the show…Here comes Jennifer, her Mentor Kelly and their battle match up is Shi-Ann and Stephan. Jennifer has an awesome team. The match up song just isn’t right for a young girl to be singing (she is 15 but amazing voice!) but I’m sure Jennifer knows best. Shi-Ann is a little power house. There is no ‘shy’ in her voice, just amazing. Stephan is a born entertainer,  wow…two beautiful song birds, we haven’t had to many male – female battles yet.  I think Stephan did best but boy, Shi-Ann is just bit young for this particular battle. Jennifer picks Shi-Ann, wow, I am surprised, I missed again! No one steals Stephan, oh wait, Miley nabs him,…wow, he is Miley’s only male vocalist.

The battles continues with Adam, and his two he has paired up are Michael and Anthony. These two have pure blessings of a voice as their musical instruments.  What is it with these guy performers want to close their eyes all the time?  I choose Anthony, he is such a young little hottie..(Blake thought Michael did better). Adam picks Anthony. Just like Adam says; “there is just something about Anthony”…he definitely has a beautiful voice. No one steals Michael, he leaves empty handed, back to Nashville to pursue his dreams in music..

Now it’s Miley’s turn, for the showstopper of the night; Katrina and Janice. Billy Ray thinks they are pure magic. I think I am a total fan of Katrina. Holy cow! That girl has the ultimate voice! Range pitch presence…its going to be an awesome final battle of the night! I don’t think either are going to go anywhere but my twinkle of a star is shining on Katrina! These two both deserve to be here, I wouldn’t want to pick. They both make you get up and move! That was the best battle of the night. Miley picks Janice. Wow. I lost again! I am going to be sad, if no one..oh wait, Jennifer steals her!!you go Jennifer. Jennifer agrees with me, Katrinas voice is limitless. I cant wait to see what Jenifer does with her.

While I wait thru commercial I have to tell the xfinity subscribers, you can only fast-forward each act, but “On Demand” makes you sit thru the commercials!  I guess NBC found another way to pay for the show! I just don’t watch the long commercials. I don’t remember anything they were selling have you? (a broader range of products for all age groups maybe?). Commercials especially long ones are a pet peave of mine. And Christmas commercials before thanksgiving and Halloween, ugh doesn’t make me coo with jingle joy for the holidays this early. Of course, this is my opinion, and only yours if you agree with it too!

Speaking of opinions, mine change all the time and not afraid to let you know about it, and own it, and the three male vocals tonight just blew the girls out of the water..(Jon, Anthony and Stephan).but over all, Katrina is my girl (so far!).   Looking forward to Tuesday night’s show. Blake is the only one left with a steal. Enjoy your day.



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