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The Big Bang Theory Recap

Imagine Howard and Amy working together...well, it’s happening as Amy has a new robotics project. Howard seems to be able to key in on what she can do to enhance the project so they team up. After all, didn’t Leonard just lament about how bad physics is and then fail to send a great apology email? Penny is reading a parenting book that Bernie forgot. I know...Penny is reading! The first question for Sheldon and Leonard is if she is expecting but she quickly dismisses that.

Sheldon is having a lot of issues trying to deal with Amy and Howard working together and Penny uses what she has learned from the book to try to help him. She is somewhat successful but is missing something.

Not only is Sheldon missing Amy but he also misses Howard. So does Bernie and Raj. The house has gotten messier since Howard has been too busy to do his chores so when Sheldon goes to see Bernie and complain about their significant others not being around enough, she proposes a plan. She says he should do something Howard loves so much: his chores. Who cares if he really does love doing them; we all know how much Sheldon loves organization so he goes and cleans up. This is good because Amy and Howard work so well together that they decide to keep working on more projects so the house needed to be cleaned. But, Sheldon learns why Bernie put him up to the chores and leaves upset.

Sheldon catches Penny and Leonard plotting to use more parenting techniques on him. Hey, it’s good practice but it leaves him still sad so he and Raj decide that they will spend more time together.

It’s good that Sheldon misses Amy, even when she’s local or feels some jealousy but I hope Howard is getting super compensated because he has another baby on the way! For some reason, I think this is leading up to Penny getting pregnant! What do you think of the Howard/Amy pairing? Kind of odd, yes? Hey, as long as they are advancing robotics, that’s all that matters!


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