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By Cozy2

Hi everyone~! Let the Battles Begin!! It’s a two hour show, tons of talent so I am hoping we get the starting of the Battles and not just the two second bits for each contestant.

Let’s see what they have planned for us tonight… we get to meet the coaches choices and the Mentors to help the coaches. Jennifer has Kelly Rowland from Destiny Child. Megan and Lucas is her first battle. Wow. They were great! Miley said they were a crowd pleaser, I think they are a show stopper, both have fantastic range. Now Jennifer has to pick one, she picks Lucas. He was good, from Michigan, go Lucas..I guess there is no chance for a steal yet and that is too bad, Megan was really good too.

Now on to Miley and her Dad. Mariah and Shiloh are her first two to battle. Mariah is a tiny 16 yr old powerhouse with a guitar. This is going to be a good battle. Mariah seems to have more confidence in the practices..let’s see if she chokes…nope, she is awesome! And, she makes it to the knock-out round. That girl is going to be in the top four at least. She is a natural born singer. Shiloh was good too but Mariah just out shined her ten-fold.

Blake, he has Rascal Flats to help his team. Kiesha and Noah is his first battle. Kiesha has some pipes and experience behind her, I can’t imagine her not moving on, and Rascal Flats will probably help her in her break-in to country music like they did with Blake. (they gave Blake opening show for one of their tours to get him started big time). Noah is adorable with an awesome voice too but Kiesha really knows what she is doing. Wow, he did a fantastic job, I just don’t see him winning the whole thing. Blake picks Kiesha. I would have picked her too. Jennifer hits her button at that last minute and steals Noah. Wow.  Already! I didn’t think he was that over the top for Jennifer but I guess he is.

Chris and Kathrina is Jennifer’s next battle. (Not sure why Adam hasn’t had one yet). These two are powerhouses for sure. She picks an Arianna Grande song for them to sing. Chris is a drag queen and wonder if he will be in drag tonight. These guys are really good. This was hard to understand a lot of what these guys actually said/sang, it sounds like they were shouting more than singing a lot of the time. Jennifer picks Chris. Blake then steals Kathrina. She is definitely worth the steal.

Brooke and Sophia is the next battle for Miley. These two girls are amazing. Wow, I would not want to choose. I have to say Brooke has this sweet smooth tone that can melt butter. Miley picks Brooke. No one stole Sophia away. She is young and will go far beyond the show. Brooke, she just knows when to harmonize, and does it really well.

Adam finally gets his turn. And he has Joe Jonas to help him. And he paired up Adam and Whitney, rock and rollers. Both have different voices and unique styles but wow when they are singing together it is really good. I think Whitney did exceptionally well but neither will win it all. (Whitney could prove me wrong!). Adam chooses Adam. Really? Ok, well Miley and Blake both want to steal Whitney now! Whitney chooses Miley. Great show, great ending.

A few things to comment on. I’m not sure why the judges choose to pair up their most powerful voices against each other this early in the competition but they are. I have a new fresh outlook on the judges and their commitment to their teamsTwo hours is still along show to sit still for me, and I wish I lived in LA so I could go to these shows. Looks like the talent doesn’t quit here and tomorrow night should be just as hard to pick the battle winners. Enjoy your day.



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