THE BIG BANG THEORY: RECAP FOR 10/16/17Picture by CBS                                                                                  Written by Mandi  Nowitz
RECAP FOR 10/16/17

Time to find out the sex of Bernie and Howard’s baby, even though it’s only been 9 months. They have no preference but then they find out it’s a boy and aren’t too thrilled because Howard is the least manly man so he is terrified. Fortunately, Penny is a good male role model which was the first thing that came to my mind. The guys remind him that he was once an astronaut and that’s pretty cool. Everyone is excited and Amy asks if they have a name picked out but Sheldon gets upset because the focus isn’t on him.

The guys are going through Howard’s garage and he finds this amazing model rocket left behind by his deadbeat dad. He realizes that this is why he became a physicist. The only pain Raj felt was a subpar first Mercedes and a trip to Hawaii so he leaves as Sheldon and Howard decide to build a rocket.

Howard goes to help Bernie clean out Haley’s old clothes and is able to make them unisex as Penny is developing an awkward relationship with Leonard’s overbearing straight laced mom. Mama H wants to be girlfriends so Penny offers to get a third friend; the best option is Amy.

While that relationship is soaring, the rocket crashes and Howard really sees that he doesn’t know how to be a dad to a boy just yet. Bernie tells Raj that she grew up with all brothers so that’s why she wanted a girl but he is an awesome, gentle guy so she could luck out. Leonard is upset about Penny being friends with his mom and her being proud of Penny so he goes and confides in Amy. She’s immediately jealous because she’s Penny’s best friend so Leonard’s mom can’t be!

On the way home, Sheldon asks Howard if he can drive home and that’s when he confesses he has a license. I think this is when Howard will see he will be a great dad. Sheldon tells him he’s a good teacher and that his son will be lucky to have him as a father. Leonard talks to his mom who says she is proud of him for marrying Penny and that makes him almost tear up. Finally, parenting has come full circle in all ways!

Next week, Penny helps Sheldon get his groove back!


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