WILL AND GRACE: MANDI'S 10/12 COMMENTARYPicture by NBC                                                                             Written by Mandi Nowitz

How can tonight go wrong when Leo aka Harry Connick, Jr. is back?

Jack may have booked a dog food commercial but first he has a temp job as a rehearsal pianist. He does not want to go to work and tries to get his lawyer, Will to get him out of it. When he arrives at his job, he learns that he will be teaching an after school drama program, which is so beneath him. But, he needs the job. Grace goes to the gynecologist where they discover that she has to have some tissue removed from her breast. The nurse calls her emergency contact and that happens to be Leo. Had Karen properly updated Grace’s contact papers, the ex-hubby wouldn’t be there when she woke up from sedation.

Leo brings Grace home where she tells Will she might have breast cancer. Leo knocks on the door and Will is shocked that he was her emergency contact until he realizes that Karen was supposed to change the info so it all makes sense. Leo points out that the biggest problem in the marriage was that Grace always confided in Will but never was fully connected to her husband. After talking to Will, she realizes that it was not the case. She and Leo did all that they could to salvage their marriage but it just didn’t work and Grace went back to Will after the marriage ended.

Grace goes to confront Leo and he says that, though he cheated the first time they were married, he was faithful the second time. She admits she couldn’t forgive him and they understand that it was a mix of both of them. She also shares that she doesn’t have cancer which he already knew because he spoke to Will. They end with a kiss and there is that hope that there will be a third time.

As for Jack, he is a great teacher and Karen becomes somewhat of a mentor for a young girl in the program. All in all, it was great to see Leo again but the show is missing something. I just wish I knew what it was!

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