sept25 The Voice
By Cozy2

Hi everyone~! Let’s rock and roll with the Almond Bros…just kidding I mean Adam the first contestant. He got me beep boppin with a country twang, made me turn my head and actually watch this performance instead of trying to multi-task! Blake surely turned around pretty quickly..and Jennifer I think, plinked on for a dramatic touch…he chooses Blake…he has a nice voice, I’ll put him on my Cozy radar…

The promos are good and so far, are keeping me interested enough to wait thru a commercial or two, and it looks like the upcoming voices are going to be outstanding and worth waiting for too. So crank up the sound and lets try another blind audition…I thought I would try like the judges do, and only turn around if I like the voice, so here comes number two…I don’t care for her voice but Jennifer loved it…and she is a cutie pie..her name is Hannah. Adam and Blake want her to…the judges are really going cut-throat already to get these great voices. She gets Adam to coach her.

So, we have a country and a pop-artist, let’s see what’s coming next…well, it’s a commercial about the new “voice” app…build your own voice team, I will have to see if I can do that from on line, I don’t have data on my phone to add that app, but may be helpful to you guys to know about…

Ok..now its Shiloh, geez, they let her tell this long story, then do the same thing again, play this little game and wait till the last wee bit of their songs to hit the button, how rude for the contestants, how rude of Miley and Jennifer to be playing with their emotions like that. I get it good drama etc, but its plain mean. Shiloh picks Miley, and I don’t think she won’t last long, she just doesn’t have that sensational voice.

Too many commercials…now on to another female, Samantha, another young girl..no one turned around for her, she has a huge voice, but is young and will be back for sure…and back to another commercial, no wonder this is a two hour show…so in comes Noah, a 17yr old adorable kid with a great voice, but I cannot believe he chose Blake as his coach! I would have thought Jennifer would have much better for his style. Oh well..guess what, back to more flipping commercials~!

I will be glad to go on to the next phase of the show soon…but then comes Davon…a sweet soulful voice. Wow..huge range..he has a big chance to win the whole show, he chooses Jennifer, they all think he will be in the finale, and I kinda agree, he is going to go far. And now we get to listen to Kathrina..Jennifer gets her, and then, they did something odd, and only showed a couple seconds of some voices, and the people had chosen their coaches, but it wasn’t like they were ‘part’ of the show, like they didn’t have a good enough story line to get on yet. Oh well, I guess we get to hear more after the next bunch of commercials…yes they are bugging me tonight, with a two hour show, this is crazy advertisement time.

The voices tonight out shine last weeks voices. More females than males, Now Addison is singing, a sweet 16 alternative folk singer, beautiful voice, Miley nabs her up. So far, only one person, Davon, got all the judges to turn around. And then comes Adam, here from last season..rock n roll heaven for Adam..I don’t know that a rocker will go far in this type of contest, but he has a great voice and will do good with Adam, yes its Adam chose Adam.

And the show goes on, to another young man, Myles, no one chooses him, (I wouldn’t have either, but I think they are saving the show stopper for last). I enjoy the judges so far, I really like Jennifer Hudson, she just gets up and starts singing with these people. She is funny.  Here comes Mariah, wow, what rocker voice for a 16 year old girl. All four turn around, she pick Miley. I think it would have been Adam for her but who am I to pick the teams, I can’t zippity doodah..

Great show,  but two hours is really hard to sit and keep my attention. Im looking forward to the challenges that will happen soon. Enjoy your day.



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