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By Mandi Nowitz

Will and Grace Recap 9/28/2017 “11 Years Later”

Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen are back and they have totally disregarded the series finale of “Will and Grace, “ which aired in 2006, after eight seasons. Well, almost. As they are playing a game of “Heads Up,” Karen is seemingly asleep and then when they snap her out of a drinking coma, she asks the pertinent questions. Was everything a dream? The only thing that was a dream was that Will and Grace ever had children. But, they were both now single, Stan is still alive and rich, and Jack (as always) is out on the prowl but now he has the assistance of Grindr.

Grace has moved back in with Will as the pick up the pieces of their broken hearts while politics is playing a huge part the episode. Karen is a huge Trump supporter, friend of Melania’s, which bothers the heck out of Grace, definitely a Hillary supporter as she notes her women’s march hat. In the office, Grace learned that she will be redecorating the Oval Office to make it look like President Trump is actually at the White House. She does not really want the job but of course, she is overwhelmed and elated to take it. Jack and Will are at the White House, as well because Will is eager to speak to one of his Congressmen about some pertinent issues. They were able to get in because of some “connections” Jack had to one of the secret service men. As they are chatting it up in the rose garden with adoration, Grace is doing a color check to make sure Trump’s color will match the swatches she has brought. She brought a Cheeto bag to use for comparisons sake.

Jack is talking about what he has been doing over the past 11 years and it has been crazy lame business ventures with his name involved but he is just so darn cute, as his secret service agent points out. When Will and Grace realize that they are both at the White House but for different reasons, the secret service gets called in but not before Jack gets a little smooch from his secret service man. Grace decides she is going to move out but then she has a list of reasons for why she is cannot go elsewhere so they decide it is best if she stays. They think they can live together again but get it right this time because they have learned so much, or maybe they are just ready to be roomies again. Jack ended up getting stuck at the White House for the night but obviously had a great time and Karen is bummed that Grace lost the decorating job. But, Grace left her mark. Hanging in the oval office is a red hat that says “Make America Gay Again.”

It is like time never past.

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