sept25 The Voice
By Cozy

Hi everyone~! Here I am watching the show a day late thru u-tube, but will give you my thoughts about the show just the same as the blind auditions come across my screen, it is all I can do at this point, I am new to the whole voice fan base, so I can just tell you 2 hours two nights in a row is a lot for me, you guys must be die hards for sure!

Tuesday nights show, I watched Kieshsa get all 4 judges turn around. She just might be a fresh of breath air. She picks Blake, I have a feeling she will be picked up by one of the others later in the season.

Now I am watching Ashlin, she is quite the country girl but her song, boy oh boy ‘you are my sunshine’ just didn’t seem to have depth just repeated words with a sweet raspy voice. She did however, make the judges turn around … Blake and Miley really quick. Then Blake, she picks Miley. Her family sure seemed to be behind her..

Ok, now a guy just sang, I missed his name, but Adam and Jennifer picked him, and Jennifer is really a good type of coach and entertainer…she really gets involved with the singers from the get go. Unbelieveable, he picked Adam…im going to call him my Mr. no name just to see how far he will get…omg I cannot believe Jennifer went out of her way to help him vocally and he didn’t pick her so I am moving on….

Another female…what a a cutie, Maharasi…ok voice, Jennifer again is giving them advice after the performances…and Jennifer gets her on her team…

Now a man, ehhh…don’t see much happening there, he is playing a country song but just doesn’t compare to the others that have been chosen. Shocked to see him to get Blake and Miley turned around for him…well, I missed his name to, oh its Red…from Tennessee. I just am not thrilled with his country voice…let him and the coach prove me wrong…he chooses Blake of course.

For some reason, my xfinity wont let me see last nights show yet, so this is all that i got to catch for this part two. I do have a few comments about the show as a newbie, I am glad they do not embarrass people in front of the huge audience and waste the judges time, but it would be fun to see some of that backside of the auditions before they are chosen for the stage.

I do like the shows like these that something good can come out of it, a great singer, maybe an entertainer as well. I haven’t found that one block buster voice yet but many more blind auditions to come. It amazes me how many good singers there are in this country. I wish i could sing, i would be up there in a heart beat!! I am going to try it ‘blind’ just like the judges next week, turn around when they are done singing Blind auditions continue next week 10/2/2017…enjoy your day.



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