By Mandi Nowitz

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Premiere: The Proposal Proposal

When we last left the gang of “The Big Bang Theory,” Amy was supposed to spend the summer doing a fellowship at Princeton and a former co-worker of Sheldon’s returned to his life with her intentions of replacing his current love being very clear, even kissing him. So, he took the logical next step, leaving viewers shocked….when Sheldon flies to Princeton and proposed to Amy! So, what will she say? Find out RIGHT NOW!

Of course, Leonard calls during the exact moment that he is in the middle of proposing where he, along with Penny and Amy learn that Sheldon had been kissed by someone else. Amy was visibly mad until she learned that the reason he proposed was because he realized the only woman he ever wanted to kiss again was Amy. He sought the approval of, clearly, Stephen Hawking…and then Amy’s father. So, what did Amy say? Duh, she said yes! After they called Penny and Leonard right back to share the good news, it was time to call Sheldon’s mom, who said she had been praying for that moment. The only moment that Amy wished Sheldon would stop sharing was the kiss that led to the proposal. Raj was next to find out followed by Howard and Bernadette but she had a little more on her plate at the moment as she was in the bathroom finding out that she was pregnant again. Freaking out, she told Penny and they both were in shock together and not in a good way.

Sheldon has decided to stay at Princeton with Amy while Raj and the guys are excited to tell the doctor who kissed Sheldon that he was now engaged but she already knew. Raj thought this meant he had a chance but no-go. Bernadette shared her news with Howard, who had the same negative reaction as she and Penny did. Raj decided that he would stop by Stuart’s comic book shop to get an engagement gift but felt that they had love so he wanted a gift for himself; he also felt that because he caught the bouquet at one of the weddings, he should be the one to be engaged. He has Cinnamon. Amy introduced Sheldon to her co-workers, unimpressed with the fact that he is a physicist. After dinner, Amy and Sheldon were not getting along because the conversation was directed to Amy and not him. Dinner at Leonard and Penny’s is not going over that well with Bernadette and Howard as guests because they did not want this second baby. They offer help and Bernadette suggests that Penney and Leonard have a baby too. That’s not happening anytime soon.

Raj is venting to Stuart about his resentment about being single; they are alone together but Stuart reveals that he has a date and is happy that Raj is miserable. To figure out how to deal with Amy, Sheldon seeks the aid of Hawking from the bathroom. Eventually, Sheldon concedes that he should have made the night about Amy and will try to share the spotlight because they are now a team though he has trouble staying away from superhero analogies. But, Amy has been with him for so long and knows his nuances; Sheldon offers to go home so Amy can get the attention she deserves but she is well aware that is where he gets the most attention. They really do get one another. Flash forward three months and Amy has returned. She shows off her ring and decides to approach the doctor who kissed Sheldon. She hugs the doctor and thanks her, knowing that without this kiss, there would be no engagement. And there you have it…season 11’s premiere in a nice little bow!

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