By Sammi Turano

Hello, and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. This is going to be short and sweet because I worked 12 hours today and am barely hanging on to my sanity…and keep falling asleep on my laptop. Anyway….it is Fantasy Suite/Let’s Get Laid night, so dim the lights and here we go….wait wrong show….let’s go to the videotape….no? Never mind, let’s see what Rachel and her guys are up to.

Actually, I was wrong! It’s another meet the parents, only the guys meet Rachel’s family. Apparently, they couldn’t come travel to her because Rachel’s sister is (was) pregnant and unable to fly, so they all went to Dallas early. Why? I have no freaking clue. I just recap here!

Anyway, Peter is falling in love, but not quite there, Bryan is ready to have a meeting with Neil Lane (I keep wanting to write Neil Diamond and wonder why the singer of Sweet Caroline would be interested in helping him with a ring—or in this show for that matter.) and Eric is nervous AF because he hasn’t met a girl’s family in a long time. 

Oh, Peter thinks Bryan is arrogant. No comment.

Nothing noteworthy really happens—the guys all try way too hard to impress her family and it is annoying. It’s the same thing every season.

To recap, Bryan is ready to propose, Peter isn’t sure yet, Eric has her confused. 

Fantasy dates. Now we are in Spain. I thought it was supposed to be Switzerland? Or was that for the proposal? You know what? I don’t care. It’s still travel porn.

Eric’s date: He gets a helicopter ride, dinner and a fantasy suite card. He finally also told her he is in love with her. All that and it took up way too much time on TV.

Peter’s date: They go to a winery, meet a couple who has been married for 57 years, he gets a key to the winery or something (huh?) and they have the ‘where is this all going?’ talk. 

We have to find out next time…REALLY? Stay tuned.

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