By Sammi Turano

Hello and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight is the hometown dates, where Rachel will meet the families of the final four. 

Eric in Baltimore: They play basketball and chat before going to meet his family. Rachel finds out that she will be the first woman he has ever brought home, so she is extra nervous. 

The two enjoy dinner and family time during the visit, with both Eric and Rachel talking about their journeys and falling in love. They have a toast and say goodbye.

Byran in Miami: They go exploring and play games. She is a bit worried about meeting his mother since she did not get along with his last girlfriend, but hopes for the best. They seem to get along, but she reminds Bryan that they are blood and Rachel that she is marrying not only him, but the family. They seem to get along, but mom is a bit intimidating!

Peter in DC: Their date begins with exploring and shopping. They also meet up with some of his friends at a bar. He confesses his fears, but his friends tell him to let it go and not be afraid. They then go to see his family.

Dean in Dallas: They enjoy a champagne picnic and he tells her about his weird relationship with his father. It really bothers him, so she comforts him and says it will be okay. 

The whole thing is actually quite interesting and I enjoyed learning about their background and life. I must admit, I missed part of the talks, but it seems like there was some tension. The date ends on a sour note, although Dean and Rachel cuddle for awhile.

Rachel talks to Chris Harrison about the dates and then is ready to make her decision. She decides to keep Bryan, Eric and Peter. Dean is sent home heartbroken

More next week! Stay tuned!

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