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By Sammi Turano

Hello and welcome back to Masterchef on Fox. It is week two of the competition with 19 chefs left to vie for the final prize. 

The contestants are broken into teams and get their assignment. They have to cook a meal for lifeguards, who will judge and pick a winner.

The teams begin to work, with the judges offering commentary and helping where needed. They offer advice and try to help avoid disaster. 

However, there is disasters where food is cooked too early and in danger of getting cold. The team plates it do it gets out while it is still warm.

The teams start serving the food, but there is still a lot of stress in the room. The blue team in particular seems to be struggling, especially since Jennifer is in over her head. Jeff steps in to help. The fish is too spicy, which worries Reba. She hopes the lifeguards like spice because that is what they are getting.  

The red team’s food isn’t even cooked, causing them even more stress. However, they get things under control and win the challenge.

The blue team now must do the elimination challenge. However, Reba, Jeff and Daniel are all safe, so they are exempt from the challenge. 

They challenge is to cook one of Aaron’s specialty dishes. I am not quite sure what is in it, but it looks delicious. Somehow, cactus is involved, which is interesting. 

The cooks get to work and Jennifer once again seems to struggle. 

The judges give the pros and cons on each dish before choosing Dino as their winner.  

Gabriel, Jenny and Caitlin are also moving on to next week.

Jennifer and Paige are in the bottom two. The judges have the contestants choose who should stay and they all unanimously choose Jennifer. I kind of feel bad for Paige, since nobody thought she deserved to stay. However, she is glad to have had the experience and be able to go home with the lessons she learned. 

More next week! Stay tuned.

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