RECAP FOR MAY 31, 2017

Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. This is a new season, with new cooks and a brand new judge. Chef Aaron Sanchez will be joining Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Christina Tosi in the kitchen. 

Yachecia is a preacher who wants to feed the body and soul. She is paired up against fellow pastor Shawn. 

Their task is to cook the perfect fried chicken—and they also must deconstruct a whole chicken. The judges talk to them as they cook and make the dish their own. 

The judges pronounce Yachecia’s chicken as ‘beautiful’ and ‘full of love.’ 

Shawn’s chicken is everything it should be, but not perfectly coated. 

Winner: Yachecia

I have to say that Shawn is a classy man. He said he is very proud of Yachecia and that he prayed for her to do well. Can we bring him back as a wildcard?

Next up is Jason vs. Ty the model. Their task is to cook a fully composed scallop dish. 

Jason’s dish has some unnecessary flavors, but is otherwise considered to be genius.

Ty’s dish is beautiful, but there is a lot of heat in the sauce. 

Winner: Jason

I am not sure who is happier, Jason or his mom….although Ty showing Jason off with a smile of pride is amazing as well.

We get a montage of other cooks trying to make it into the kitchen and then we get to Julia, Adam, Gabriel and David. Their task is to cook tacos. 

Adam’s taco falls apart, but is delicious.

David’s taco is crispy and well seasoned.

Julia’s taco was doughy and the meat was not cut properly.

Gabriel’s taco was a hit. 

Winners: Gabriel and Adam

Reba and Paola battle each other as they try to cook the best duck breast. 

Paola’s dish is juicy and beautiful, but a bit overdone.

Reba’s duck is beautiful and incredible, but the dish is a mess.

Winner: Reba

More next week! Stay tuned!


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