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by honeySC

Tonight Survivor Game Changers begins with six left and a two hour finale. With Michaela gone, Tai, Troyzan, and Sarah all hold power. Brad, Cirie, and Aubry must rely on winning the immunity idol. Cirie has never found an idol nor won an individual immunity idol in her survivor history, and relies on her social game to advance her in the game. Sarah is very angry with Cirie for trying to play her advantage, and she said she was saving that advantage for later. Sarah asks who was the rat, and Cirie says that Tai is a rat, and she wanted to use that advantage to get him out. Sarah says that Cirie should have talked to her about it first. Tai admits that he was about to vote Sarah out and she points out that she was putting her game on the line for him. Tai is now seen as a liar and Sarah feels he betrayed his alliance.

Tai heads out to the beach to speak with Brad and Brad sees that he has an opportunity to use Tai for numbers, advancing both games. Tai tells him that he has two idols, and Brad is not sure that he believes him.

Jeff calls the tribe to an immunity challenge. They will race through a maze, gathering three bags of puzzle pieces which they will use to create a compass rose puzzle. They will also play for reward which is food. They will get spaghetti with meatballs, key lime pie, and chicken parm.

The group heads out over the maze and Troyzan gets the first bag and heads to the station. Tai, Brad, and Troyzan drop their bags and head back out. Each of the girls get their first bag and deposit them. Troyzan and Brad get their second bags. Aubry gets her second bag. The men work on the third bags and Aubry gets her third bag and races back. Brad and Aubry begin work on the puzzle. They must fill a frame in the shape of a compass rose with forty-one pieces of a puzzle.

Aubry falls behind in the construction of the puzzle, but Cirie is in last place. It is Sarah and Brad nearly finished with the puzzle, and Brad moves ahead, but can't locate his last piece. Finding it in the bag, he places it and the last two pieces to win individual immunity for the third time.

Brad gets to choose one person to join him for the meal. He chooses Troyzan and when given another pick, chooses Sarah. They will return to camp to eat and then head to Tribal Council. Sarah is not sure where she stands with people and decides she will use this opportunity to solidify her spot.  She feels that she cannot trust Tai or Cirie and needs to join up with Brad and Troyzan.  Brad wants to return to camp and get everyone on the same page so that two idols are not played tonight. He tells Tai that he wants him to play one tonight and give him the other one to hold so that there is no funny business going on. Tai worries that Brad will make a fool out of him. He is not sure it is a good move for him.

Tai heads over to talk to Aubry and tells her that they are after her. Cirie joins them and says that she will not betray him. She apologizes for her move at Tribal and Tai ends up in tears. Troyzan feels that something funny is going on. He lets Sarah know that it looks like Tai is sharing his idol with one of the girls. Tai is feeling that he has to do what is best for him, and he is not sure what that is.

At Tribal Council Sarah accuses Tai of targeting her. Tai says that there was a lot of duplicity, but he is the one taking the fall. Troyzan feels Tai cannot recover from this hole he is in. Cirie says you should never say never. Tai says that people came to him to make a deal with him and Brad says that the buyer needs to beware of making a deal with Tai. Cirie says she is not confident at all tonight. Aubry is taking a leap of faith tonight.

The votes:
Tai playes the blue idol for himself and the red one for Aubry. Sarah plays the Legacy Advantage. Troyzan plays his hidden immunity idol. With Brad holding individual immunity, five players are out of play, and although Cirie has no votes in the urn, she is sent home. There is no other person who is eligible to go home.

Cirie says that she was changed by this game when she got up off the couch eleven years ago. She has had amazing experiences and met amazing people. Jeff tells her she has played every day with grace and has made Survivor history.  A Survivor legend has gone out in Survivor style. Cirie says that it was bittersweet, but she has enjoyed every single day.

On the set, Cirie gets a standing ovation. Jeff tells her that she has given a lot, and should take something back. Jeff says that he tries to remain objective, but he felt what he said at Tribal Council. She tells him that this game showed her what she could accomplish if you only try.

We immediately head into the next immunity challenge. They must transfer three balls using a wand with a hole on the end through a table top obstacle maze. They just drop balls into the hole at the top, retreive it at a lower point, and then move the ball through obstacles using the wands with the holes in the end. Brad takes the lead when everyone loses progress with balls falling. Brad Colpepper gets the hang of it and has two in. Troyzan drops his ball and Brad smoothly moves his last ball through while Aubry stops working just to watch. Brad wins individual immunity for the fourth time, and he breaks down in tears. He has a guaranteed spot in the final four. Aubry feels that she is the one going home since Brad does not have any interest in working with her.

Brad feels that he is very focused and he has his eyes on the prize. Brad has a majority with Troyzan and Sarah and Troyzan says they will take out Aubry tonight because Tai is easier to beat. Aubry heads over to speak to Sarah and Tai and tells them that if they took out Troyzan it would open up two spots for them to fill. They know that Brad will take Troyzan to final two. Tai speaks privately to Sarah and says that they should vote out Aubry. Then Brad arrogantly tells Tai that he has to vote out Aubry and he will be there the next day to confront him if he does not. He wants his loyalty. Tai feels that he is being intimidated and goes to Sarah and says that they need to switch it up. Sarah is not happy about last minute switches.

At Tribal Council Aubry says that she knows she is on the chopping block. Troyzan says that it is about final three. Aubry says that you can make logical conclusions about where they are going, and Troyzan will be going if one of them wins. Sarah says that it is all about the jury and who you put there. Brad says that he has to win to get in. Troyzan says he feels confident that he can win this game. Sarah says that you have to pick the right final three.

The votes:
Aubry, Troyzan, Aubry, Aubry. Aubry is the ninth member of the jury and the sixteenth person voted out. Jeff tells them that tomorrow they will compete in their final immunity challenge and from there go to final three. Aubry says she took everything from the experience that she could, and she was excited to be on the jury.

Jeff moves into the final immunity challenge. The challenge is to race through an obstacle course, sliding down a water slide, gathering puzzle pieces and constructing a puzzle. It is the biggest challenge of the game because the winner goes to final three and the final Tribal Council. They must untie knots and release keys. Troyzan has the lead, but Sarah has her first set quickly but all four are very close. Sarah keeps her lead but Troyzan is a close second. Sarah continues to extend her lead, but Tai moves into second place. Brad catches up, and when Sarah struggles with her keys, Brad takes the lead. Everyone is so close with everyone in it. Tai gets his first piece first, but Brad gets his second and third piece quickly. Brad is up to his fifth piece, but Tai has his third piece. Tai is a close second but Brad is clearly in the lead. Brad gets the puzzle and works to release his topper with a combination lock. He is successful and wins his fifth immunity challenge. It is a Survivor record.

Brad confesses that he feels he can beat all of the others, but feels that since Tai has played this entire game, he will send him home tonight.

Troyzan and Brad discuss that Tai was close. Brad says that it comes down to who has done him wrong the most and that is easily Tai. He says that he is in control and Tai will get what he deserves. Tai feels that the most logical conclusion will be that he will go. He speaks to Sarah about both of them voting for Troyzan and then it will be a tie that will will come to making fire. Sarah feels that Troyzan has not made anyone mad and might win this. She thinks that she will go for the tie and making fire.

At Tribal Council, Jeff says that this is the last big decision they have to make. Brad says that it is an amazing feeling, but now it is time to decide who to put on the jury. Sarah says that it will either be Sarah or Tai going so they are going to force a tie. Tai says that he was intimidated by Brad and the immunity idol threat. Troyzan says he is going to put his trust and intuition in the result and if he is wrong he will be building a fire.

The votes:
Tai, Troyzan, Tai, Tai. Tai is the seventeenth person voted out and the final member of the jury. Tai thanks Jeff for a great season. The final three are Sarah, Troyzan, and Brad.

Troyzan is emotional about being so close to the end. He feels his social game was superior and his name was never written down. (Tai put his name down, though.) The three eat a filling breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and juices. Sarah says that as a police officer she values honesty and the truth and she hopes that will be rewarded. Brad says that he does not need the money, but he wants the title. He says he is on trial for a million dollar case tonight.

The three meet the jury. Jeff points out that there were many firsts with five individual immunities that match Ozzy's, first out without a vote, and most immunities played.

Zeke says that after he was blindsided Sarah wore his jacket to every tribal council. Zeke says that he is her champion. Andrea says that she feels gross that Sarah went so low and Ozzy says that he can give her props for doing what it took, but he is Brad's champion because he did it with loyalty. Michaela says that from the outside looking in, what does Brad know about her. He is not able to speak to her persona and she dismisses him. Tai says that he thought that what he had with Sarah was real, but it wasn't. Sarah says that she had permission from home to put it all on the line and she has to do that for a living. Debbie tells Sarah that they have no respect for her. Troyzan says that he had difficulty playing full out. Ozzy says there is a difference in being a passenger or a driver, and Troyzan says that he made his decisions. Aubry asks what his role was and was it anyone but him, and Troyzan says that he was more subtle. Andrea says that Brad never made connections with people on the bottom. Tai asks Brad if he realizes how he talks to people. Brad says that he used his power to control Tai.

Ozzy says that the outplay portion goes to Brad, taking a risk playing in a game that he respects. He relied on himself when he needed to and he thinks that Brad should win this. Debbie says that Survivor is Lord of the Flies. Sarah says that Brad was a professional athlete. She points that Sierra told her about the advantage and she had to figure out how to get her out and get it from her. She paid attention to details. Michaela says that it is badass that Sarah got the advantage from her sit out bench and then used it to send her home.

Brad says that he doesn't think that you have to lie to win this game and he used his athleticism. He did camp life because that is who he is. Sarah says that you have to strike first in the game. She hopes that they understand that she had to get them out because they could beat her. Troyzan says that he may not have been the strategist or game player, but he appreciates being able to play the game.

Jeff has the jury vote. Michaela votes for Sarah. Ozzy votes for Brad. Zeke votes for Sarah. Debbie votes for Brad. Jeff thanks them for a great Tribal Council and leaves with the jar.

Jeff brings the votes to CBS Studios live in L.A. Jeff says that after thirty-nine days he will read the votes. Sarah, Brad, Sarah, Brad, Brad, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Sarah wins Survivor Game Changers!


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