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RECAP FOR MONDAY, MAY 15 - Replay Video Included
By Sara

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we will see the conclusion of the HOH competition and Nominations. Also, it's that time in the season for the F4 BBCan Award Gala with host Nikki Graham last year's wildcard.

We start the show with a recap since Kevin was HOH and nominated Demetres and Ika for eviction. Kevin  won the POV and used it on Ika and replaced her with Dillon. On eviction night Dillon was evicted by a vote of 2-0.

After the vote Dillon hugs the remaining Houseguests and walking out the door we hear Kevin in a DR. He tells us that Dillon has just walked out the door and he is frustrated. Ika and Demetres were up on the block 2 weeks in a row and they are still both here in the Final 4. Using the POV on Ika and putting Dillon up was supposed to be a awesome move but Karen was supposed to keep Dillon she didn't. Karen is not playing this game anymore for herself she is just playing out of vengeance against me. He tells us basically he had all the power this week he won HOH, POV what he wanted to happen still didn't happen.

DR Demetres says he can't believe him and Ika survived another week on the block together. Kevin's plan on having a split vote and sending me home got spoiled because he did not see the connection that they have with Karen. Demetres calls Karen his BBCAN fairy godmother. She has been my secret power of Veto this season.

In the washroom Ika is comforting Karen...Dillon's eviction was hard on her.

Karen DR  tells us she feels heart broken. It's bitter sweet. Demetres stays but I've lost my friend Dillon. Karen wishes Kevin  wasn't there and Dillon was. Karen says she came in this season to win  but if she couldn't do it she would want Demetres and Ika to be 1st and 2nd. She doesn't want Kevin Martin to win.

Demetres walks into the washroom and hugs Karen and says Thank you.

DR Ika says it's amazing that we survived another week in the block. Now she HAS to win  this HOH.

Time for the HOH competition Demetres, Ika and Karen are all playing.

HOH is called Solve for X.

They have to solve the question for a specific week based on the information provided.

1 question the X is on HOH Big Brother gives them that week...

1st nominate Jackie picture.

BB shows who was evicted Cassandra's picture appears.

Ika buzzes in knowing the HOH was Neda.

2nd question Demetres is correct.

3rd question Demetres is correct.

4th question Ika is correct

5th question Demetres is correct

6th question Demetres is correct

Demetres wins the F4 HOH.

DR Ika tells us she is really upset she lost. It's not against Demetres but she is mad at herself for not winning. She is not guaranteed F3 that she's worked so hard for.

DR Demetres says he's happy he guaranteed himself F3 but he feels bad for Ika he knows she wanted this one so bad. I just took away her last chance to get the HOH room and he feels like crap. At this point of the game you are really playing individually and not with a alliance pair it's really difficult to work as a pair with only 4 people left. But in the end he still wants to take Ika to the end and will do everything he can to get them there.

In the kitchen Demetres is cooking he still feels really bad, Karen is making getting water for ice cubs. Ika is going him the silent treatment. In the pantry Ika tells Karen she is so upset. She says he has had 4 HOH'S you could of let me had 1. Karen says it would of guaranteed you F3.  Ika says she is just being bitter. Karen tells her to look at it this way he wins the POV and send Kevin home. He will take you to the F2. Ika says ya but she doesn't want a hand out she wants to erron it.

Next on to Kevin on to  the Blue Bedroom.

DR Kevin says Demetres is the HOH. UGH! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GO HOME instead of Dillon he doesn't understand how this happened. Demetres has now guaranteed himself a spot in the F3 this is the worse case situation this makes my road to the F2 a lot more difficult. Ika and Demetres survive and then win power, survive and win power....it's unbelievable. How do they do it?!!!

Demetres gets his HOH room. He gets a video message from one of his sister.

In the washroom Ika is still bitter and rude to Demetres. Her and Karen discuss that she knows she is hurt but he came into the house to play and win too. Ika says she knows. Karen tells her he can't help that he got his heart involved with a girl. You can't hold it against him cause he can't separate it now because he came just like you did to win. Ika says she knows. Karen tells her don't make a regretful decision out of frustration and annoyance. You say you are sorry you says you were just frustrated and annoyed because you  didn't win. You came to win too. You care about the guy.

DR Ika tells us she has always been 100% honest with Demetres so if she is honestly feeling irritated, bitter and upset she owes it to him to be honest with him.

I don't want to be fake with him.

Ika enters the HOH room, her and Demetres have a talk. Demetres tells her he is sorry he knows she wanted it. Ika tells him she is not angry at him but with herself. It's embarrassing that u haven't been able to win anything. Demetres says he understands he just feels bad. Ika tells him he shouldn't  feel bad we are all individual players you guaranteed yourself F3. That's nothing you should feel bad about. Ika says to him I just wanted to says congratulations on your win. We had a great partnership.  It's been one sided. Congrats on F3.

Time for the Awards Gala. The door buzzes open and in walks Nikki she tells them she is there to help them get ready for the BBCAN Awards.

They give Nikki a tour as as Demetres pops a bottle of champagne. Nikki tells them they have some she is there to help them look fabulous. They head off to the HOH to get ready.

Karen gets dressed in a beautiful black and silver long gown. Ika gets short golden dress that make he books pop. Demetres is in awe.

Kevin and Demetres get tuxedos. Demetres's is black with a gold sash.

Kevin's is dark blue tux with a silver sash.

Everyone looks amazing.   

The living room has been setup for the Awards Gala including a red carpet.

Ika's dress is from Nikki's clothing line.

They pop another bottle of champagne congratulate themselves on making the F4.

1st award Favorite makeup malfunction.

Gary doing...

Bruno's make up


Ika eye brows. *Winner*

2nd award Favorite Foodie

Dillon during Buzzkill *Winner*


Karen on slop.

3rd award Favorite Blow up

Dallas vs Dillon


Ika vs Neda *Winner*

4th Favorite Kiss

Demetres and Ika  


Kevin and William *Winner*

That's all they show for the awards...then the HGs get a clip of the best moments of the season since they walked in the doors.

After a commercial break Karen discusses with dislike for Kevin. It's started the first week when Karen was HOH. Karen wanted Mark out but Kevin  tried to flip the vote to keep Mark. Basically Karen didn't trust him since week 1.

Kevin and Demetres discussing how since Dillon's HOH over a month ago it's either been one of the to of them as the HOH. They both like and respect each other. They have had the best rivalry.

Demetres departs the conversation.

Kevin says to himself that he messed up bad. My goal was to get Demetres out, and I just failed. That replacement nomination mit have been a hundred thousand dollars mistake.

DR Ika tells us she is over being upset with Demetres. No body has fought for me in this game like Demetres has fought for me in this game. I should be happy for him we are here in F4 we have come a long way. Ika appogize to Demetres. They talk about needing to win the POV so both of Henry can get to F3.

Time for nominations

Demetres makes his way to the Bridge saying there is not a lot of strategy going into these nominations I'm just putting up the 2 people I don't want to sit next to it  the F2.

Demetres's nominations are...

Karen and Kevin

Tune in Wednesday at 9:00PM for a special Eviction night. Find out who win the POV competition and who they will evicte. Who will be in the Final 3.


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