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RECAP FOR 5/11/2017
Replay Video Included
By Sara

Arisa appears let's us know we are just 1 week away from the Final night which is next Thursday May 18th.

She tells us that lines have been drawn I  the sand inside the house and tonight we will go from the Final 5 to the Final 4. Welcome to Big Brother Canada eviction night.

We start the show with a recap from the Triple Eviction to were we are right now. Kevin won the POV and used it on Ika and replaced her with Dillon.

That is were we start after just after the POV Ceremony. Ika, Dillon, Karen and Demetres are all in shock wondering what the hell just happened.

DR Demetres tells us this is the first time he is legitimately speechless in this house.

DR Ika says ummmm did Kevin  just replace me with Dillon.

Back in the living room Ika and Demetres can't believe that just happened. Demetres says to Kevin  I'm very confused with your tactics. Kevin remains silent.

DR Kevin tells us by doing this move he hope he has created a split vote Ika will vote for Demetres and Karen will vote to keep Dillon, Kevin as the HOH will be the deciding factor and break the tie.

Kevin believes the only thing stopping him from winning the game is Demetres he is the comp beast. Kevin believes this move is his best shot at sending Demetres out the door this week. (Wrong...but ok Kevin good luck with that)

Back in the living room Ika questions Kevin move Kevin tells her he is alone I  the game and he believes this is the best move he can make. As Kevin turns to leave for his HOH room Ika informs him that thy kind of did stuff to his room.

DR Ika admits that before the ceremony Demetres and her got a little petty and messed around with Kevin HOH room.

We get a clip of them throwing around his clothes, putting honey on stuff and they hung his little pink pig that Kevin l loves to death.

Ika feels horrible, says she is sorry and runs up to clean up his room. In the DR Ika admits she acted very petty she can admit that she may have taken things too far.  Again Ika apologizes, she is so very sorry to Kevin they hug it out Kevin tells her it's OK he is not mad. You don't have to apologize it's just a game.

Back in the kitchen Demetres is still in  show he doesn't understand why Kevin didn't put up Karen. Dillon is confused by it as well.

DR Demetres tells us this is the best case scenario now he knows he just has to swing Karen's vote and he is staying.

Kevin is in the HOH room and Karen joins him she asks him if Demetres and Ika had talk to him Kevin says no of course not.

DR says before Kevin pulled this stunt she was planning to keep Demetres over Ika but know with Dillon or the block she has a new delema to deal with.

Back to the HOH Karen asks Kevin what he is thinking. Kevin  tells her he is thinking it's 4vs1. He tells her it's in her hands now as to whether Dillon goes now. Karen tells him you did that on purpose. Kevin says ya now it's your responsibility. Karen tells him Dillon believes now it will be a split vote then it will be back on you. Kevin tells her he couldn't take a chance that they would vote out Ika he wants her in the F4. Kevin tells her if it's a split vote he will vote out Demetres. Now Dillon's life is in your hands. Karen says exactly.

Back to the DR Karen says Kevin Martin you slithering snake how dare you put me in this position you think I'm going to do your dirty work. She tells us that Kevin is convinced that little old Karen is going to be to weak to make a decision that's going to go against her heart. News flash Kevin you are wrong.

Kevin is alone in the tub now and can't understand why these weak mind people want to keep Demetres in  the game just to go against him. DR he tells us now he is worried about Karen he thought this would be a no brainer for her now he is scared he will get burned.

Ika is now in the pantry still feeling bad for what she did to Kevin's HOH room.

Karen joins her Ika tells her Dillon is bad.

Karen says of course, but Dillon believes it's going to be a split vote and Kevin will keep him. Little does he know that will never be a discussion.

DR Karen tells us the if she votes for Dillon, Ika for Demetres then the split vote will go to Kevin who will decide  who goes to jury. But if I vote for Demetres it will put a big monkey wrench in Kevin's game. It's going to suck to go against Dillon but a girl has got to do what a girls got to do.

Back in the pantry Karen tells Ika I told you guys we would get the 3 of us to the end. She says the only time you give up hope is when your a$$ walks out that door.

DR Ika tells us how good Karen is..she is like a guardian angle.

We return from a commercial break Arisa reminds us that the Final is next Thursday and it will be a 2 hour final that will begin at 7:00PM.

Back to the house Dillon still in shock as to what just happened. In the DR he tells us he feels blindsided, he is totally pissed off and doesn't understand what Kevin is thinking. He is so confused he had both of the duo on the block why didn't he just take one of them out.

Kitchen Dillon says Kevin you are wild. Kevin tells her after the conversation in the bathroom  you both were talking about taking Ika out. Dillon tells him Karen was trying to convince me. Kevin tells he he couldn't take the chance on Ika leaving. Kevin tells him if it's a split vote I'm voting Demetres out. Karen may flip on you tho.

Next Karen ask Dillon what Kevin's logic was. Dillon tells her he thinks it will come down to a split vote and he will make the decision. Dillon says to her just don't flip on me. You are the only one that can save me. Karen walks away.

Movie time with Kevin's Veto will  he gets to watch a special screening of the Baywatch movie. He has chosen Dillon and Karen to join him.  Backyard has been setup like movie theater.

They all really enjoyed the movie.

Back from a commercial break...Arisa tells us next Wednesday at 9:00 PM will be a special eviction episode were we going from F4 to F3.

We go back to game Dillon in the HOH with Kevin. DR Kevin tells us for the most part him and Dillon's relationship has been up and down and there has been no real trust. Kevin says he is planting the seed with Dillon that he has been playing him this whole time. If Dillon hates me then Karen may just keep him because of her vengeance towards Kevin. Back to the HOH Kevin is telling Dillon that Karen  has been his pick for F2 for along time he was just telling Dillon he would take him to F2 so that way if Dillon had won  the POV he wouldn't have used it.

Dillon had believed they had a solid F2 he calls Kevin a dirty squirrel. He is brutal. Kevin tells him he left his morals at the door.  Dillon feels his time is up...he doesn't think Karen will keep him. Kevin totally believed Karen would never vote out Dillon. Kevin gives him points on how to convince Karen to keep him.

DR Kevin says he needs Dillon to stay he really wants to be a 1-1 tie. So he can evict Demetres. He really wants Dillon to Iowa campaign to Karen and get her vote.

Karen and Dillon

Dillon asks Karen where her head is at. Karen tells him Kevin put her in a bad position she is at a cross roads. Dillon really thought he was closer to Karen. They have been together for some long. Karen in the DR says she does have a heart she likes Dillon she can keep him or she can screw over Kevin Martin's game.

Now we get a peek into to the jury house. With last week's triple eviction 3 HGs have entered the jury house.

The jury freak out when they find out it was a triple.

Time for eviction Demetres and Dillon give short speech.

Ika votes to evict Dillon

Karen votes to evict Dillon

By a vote of 2 - 0 Dillon have been evicted. He has little chat with Arisa

Time for the HOH competition we see Ika get the first question right and Demetres the 2nd question right but that is all...

Tune in Monday at 9:00PM to find out who wins the HOH competition and we will see the BBCan Awards for the season with special guest Nickie Graham from BBCAN 4.

**Spoiler** Demetres has won the HOH competition and is guaranteed a spot in the F3.


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