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By honeySC

Tonight Survivor Game Changers begins with nine players left, and Brad is distraught that he lost Tai after voting for him to go. Cirie spreads the word that they should go after Brad and Sierra since the two of them could possibly pull in more people. Sierra tells Sarah that she has an advantage and Sarah thinks this may play to her advantage, so she decides that Brad should be the next target.

It is day thirty, and Jeff calls the castaways for an important reward challenge. They will enjoy a barbeque with hot dogs, hamburgers, and cupcakes. They will also play to see their loved ones. At the mere mention of it, Sarah collapses in tears. When Wyatt comes out to hug her, she explains his support and how priceless it is. Tai waves to him. Linda comes out to join Andrea who expresses her connection to her mom. She lost her sister while in high school and Linda, her mom, hugs her. Aubry is joined by her sister, Carrie and expresses her bond with her sister. Sierra is joined by her dad and she cries that it is so hard, to him. She explains that having him here lets her let her guard down. Her dad says that he hopes she can keep a thick skin in the game. Michaela hugs it out with her. Michaela says that her mom works hard every day and having her mom there not having to worry about how much things cost is priceless. Troyzan is joined by Todd, his brother, and they speak about their closeness among the six siblings. Tai is joined by Mark, his lover, and they kiss and hug it out. Mark says that Tai is the best person and they bring out the best in each other. Brad is joined by Monica, who has played the game in a previous season. Brad says that she is so strong and he is so proud of what she did in going all the way. Cirie left three boys at home and she is joined by Jared who just graduated high school while she was on the island. Jared says that he is so lucky that he can talk to her about anything, and they are two peas in a pod.

The challenge is to be tethered together in groups of three and they will go through a series of obstacles to get to a table. Colpepper, Aubry, and Andrea, vs Michaela, Sarah, and Tai vs Troyzan, Cirie, and Sierra. One of the obstacles is to dig out under sand to get under a log. Once through they must head to a table and unravel ropes to release a key that will be used to unlock a box that holds sandbags. They must use the sandbags to knock down a block pyramid. Getting out ahead early, Colpepper, Aubry, and Andrea maintain a lead and easily win. They can choose one other player to join them and they select Cirie who hugs it out with Jared. Cirie says that she is sorry that they cannot all have the love. Jeff relents and lets them choose one more, Sarah, who hugs it out with Wyatt. The rest say good-bye from across the beach. Andrea notices that Michaela was completely defeated when she was not chosen, but she knows that Michaela will bounce back after a day to get over it.

Cirie says that the only thing better than having Jared there today is to win for him. Brad is so happy that he has Monica there to strategize with him. On the beach, Tai and Michaela discuss being let down by not seeing their families. Michaela talks to Tai about working with him. Tai says he will love it. Sierra and Troyzan talk and decide that it may be a benefit to bond strategically with Tai and Michaela. Troyzan mentions that Andrea was behind the last eviction. The four of them high five and they decide to work together.

It is day 32, and time for the immunity challenge. Five of the nine have been refreshed emotionally and with food. They must balance on a narrow perch while holding a buoy between two dowels. They are out of the game when they either lose control of the buoy or slip off the perch. Aubry is out quickly and Sierra is next. The buoys twist and turn, but as long as they are wedged between the poles they are good. Andrea and Sarah are out next. Cirie is out next. Troyzan is next and they are down to three. Michaela, Colpepper, and Tai are fighting for immunity and at the 18 minute point Brad begins to shake. Michaela shakes and drops. Tai and Brad Colpepper are left and Tai drops the buoy. Brad Colpepper wins immunity. Michaela says that with Brad winnning immunity, Cirie and Andrea may be in trouble.

While doing chores Tai and Michaela touch base and decide that it will be Andrea. Sierra is told that her name is being tossed about, and Aubry and Sarah decide to vote out Sierra. Sarah recalls that Sierra is going to will her the advantage, so Sarah decides to go make nice with Sierra so that she will still do it. Sarah finds out that it is Andrea that is the target and wants to change that, so she goes after the votes and hits up Michaela. Michaela thinks that moving on Sierra may be a good move if done at the right time. She says Sierra and Andrea are in trouble, and both sides are expecting her to vote with them. She says people will be blindsided tonight.

The tribe heads to Tribal Council. Jeff brings in the jury. Andrea says that it was a hard decision to choose two more to enjoy the loved ones. Andrea says that it may end up being a disadvantage. Aubry says that the little things add up. Colpepper says that it helps him to have the immunity necklace, but it does not help his minority group. Sierra says that there are bigger people in the game than her and Andrea is one of them. Andrea says that if Sierra and Brad get to the end of the game, one of them could win the game. Sarah says that just when you think that you see what is going on, what you see isn't going on. Michaela says that "we" is relative to whoever thinks that they are the big "W" at the moment. You stick with the "we" until it is time to turn and run. Andrea says that you hope that the conversations you have will stay true tonight. Jeff says it is fine to be a "we" until it becomes a "me."

The votes:
The immunity idol is not played when called for. Sierra, Andrea, Sierra, Andrea, Andrea, Sierra, Sierra, Sierra. Sierra is voted out and becomes the fifth member of the jury. Brad shakes his head in disappointment. Sarah looks a bit surprised that she did not get the advantage passed to her. She looks over at Aubry who gives her a quizzical look in return.

Sierra speaks:
Sierra says that now that she is out of the game she is going to will her advantage to Sarah because she was real with her and she hopes she made a good decision. She says that she thought she was a part of the "we" and she obviously was not. She made it farther than she thought she would, but hoped she could have gone farther. She is proud of her game.

Next episode:
Cirie rethinks her game and talks with Tai.


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