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RECAP FOR 5/8/2017
By Sara

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we will find out who won the HOH and who they nominated. I believe they will also rewind to Dre blowing her own game by trying to flip the house to vote out Ika instead of Jackie. So much happened that night they didn't have enough time to fit it all in with the Triple Eviction.

So let's dive right in..the show starts with a recap of what happen on last Thursday's triple eviction. As well all know Jackie was voted out over Ika. Demetres won the T.E. HOH and nominated Dre,William and Kevin. Kevin won the POV and used it on himself.  Demetres's replacement was Dillon. Ika, Karen, Kevin all voted to save Dillon sending the French Connection to jury.

The episode starts with...

Kevin in the DR telling us eviction night was crazy in the Big Brother house.

Dillon DR says the house was rocked by the triple eviction.

We see silent clips of Dre crying and William with a dear in the head lights look on his face. Shots of them walking out of the house.

Back to Kevin DR - Just like that...3 houseguests GONE!

Ika DR tells us all three madness started the night before the triple. Dillon came to me and fed me information that Dre was not loyal to her.

12 hours before the Triple Eviction

Dre and Dillon HOH.

Dre is telling Dillon that she thinks she is voting Ika out. Dillon says OMG.

Then we cut to the kitchen were Dillon is telling Ika,Demetres and Karen that Dre has been flip flopping a lot. She had just told me she was keeping you (Ika) and not she is not. Then she's keeping you then she is not...saying it best for our game to get Ika out.

Ika tells them she has protect her (Dre) so much in this house.

Now we flip to the the eviction Jackie and Ika are on the block.  Ika give her eviction speech. She says...

When you take a shot at the baddest bitch in this house, you better make sure you HIT because when I shot I NEVER miss my targets. She shots Dre with his finger gun. Dre plays dumb...is like what? Why me?

Ika DR Dre thought she could double cross me and keep Jackie over ME. Dre you can NOT Ika Wong...Ika Wong. I have the numbers.

Back to the living room Jackie being evicted.

During the commercial break...

Dre freaks out saying She thinks she is thr Queen...the Queen can clean my ass I never took a shot at you. Everyone is going to talk...Dre yells Dillon to go hide. Dre yells what happened in the HOH room? Dillon says you told me you were going to evict Ika. Dre then what did you do? Dillon I went and told Ika. Dre YELLING  oh you are so untrustworthy. You are the same as Jackie flip flop flip flop.

A yelling match starts Dre I have said all week I was voting to keep Ika. Dillon says to Ika and Demetres I swear she is the one that flip flop all week.

(I to hard recap they are YELLING back and forth at each other...must watch episode) Dre is blaming the vote on Dillon saying she said all week she was keeping Ika...which is a big lie.

DR  Dillon says Me telling Ika that Dre was flipping of her was definitely all strategy.  I thought it would tear those 2 up and put Ika and Demetres vs Dre, instead of Ika and Demetres vs Dillon.

Back to the yelling match in the kitchen. Dillon calls Dre crazy and Dre walks upstairs. Yelling at Dillon that he's a flip flopper just like Jackie. (OMG this argument is CRAZY)

Dillon yelling back at her saying she is crazy. You are just mad because you were called out. Dre yells back I can call out every single person in this house.

lol Dre gets on the upstairs couch and starts twerking saying you can kiss this A$$. That's the A$$ you can kiss. Walks into the washroom.

We got a shots of Kevin in looking very shocked at all this. Poor William looks scared.

Arisa calls them all to the living room and tells them tonight is the Triple Eviction.

DR Kevin tells us he is terrified...he went home on the Triple Eviction in his season.  He as NEVER gotten over that.

This has haunted him for 2 years. I can't play in the HOH, he has no friends I the house there is not much he can do to survive this.  

Then we see a clip of Kevin with his head in his hands crying saying oh god!

Cut to Demetres winning the Triple Eviction HOH.

DR Kevin says I know Ika and Demetres and I have been after each other for a while now...but 3 days ago we made a deal that we would actually work together in this game.

DR Ika says we let Kevin believe we wanted him in this house but we don't. We want to be able to manage him until we could get his out.

Back to the living room Kevin walks up to Demetres and Ika. Demetres tells him he is putting up Dre, William and Kevin but we will evicted Dre and William.  Kevin tells them he is having flashbacks right now and he doesn't want to go up. Look I trusted you guys. Ika tells I'm that's what we just told Dillon we will send Dre and William out.

DR Kevin says I am pretending to be OK with this while Dillon is stand right there but I am NOT ok with going on the block.

Back to living room Kevin is telling Ika and Demetres that he is fighting for the 3 of us to be the F3. Like I have you guys you can't put me up there. Keep me off and I will fight for you guys. Us 3 F3.

DR Demetres says Kevin is a huge player in this game and he is great at comps he HAS got to take a shot at Kevin right now.

Back to the living room Arisa is telling Demetres he has to nominate 3 houseguests for eviction. He nominates Dre, William and Kevin.

Then we see a clip of Kevin playing in the POV.

DR - Kevin tells us he is by himself in this game if he wants to rewrite his history and survive this triple eviction he has to win the POV.

Kevin wins the POV. DR he says YES this is amazing.

Flip to back in the house Dillon and Kevin talking. Kevin asking Dillon who he will put up? Dillon says he going to put me up. Kevin says there are 3 people voting me Karen and Ika. Kevin says is Karen and I saves you the 3 of us can team up and take them out. Kevin leaves to talk to Karen.

Karen and Kevin  I the pantry Kevin tells her you and I are 2 votes to save Dillon.

Karen says so DR and William will go home. Kevin says Ika will not save William. We can't save him. What's the point on me casting my vote to save William. We control the vote me and you. Tell her he is going after Ika and Demetres they are the dirtiest most manipulative players here.

If I win the the F5 HOH I will protect you and Dillon. William have to save Dillon. Karen says Ok.

Ika asks Karen what Kevin is doing Karen tells her he is going to vote with us. Ika says so is he going to evict William Karen says yes.

Arisa asks Kevin what he is going to do. Kevin save assays he is saving himself. He turns to Demetres and Ika and says you messed up Demetres you really did. You made the wrong choice...you really did. Ika and Demetres just smirk at Kevin.  

Demetres puts up Dillon.

DR Dillon tells us yes he is sitting  on the block but because of the relationships he has built he knows he will be OK.

Clip to Arisa telling Dillon he is safe and William and Dre have been evicted.

Back in the living room Demetres says wow.

The final 5 all present...

Ika says just for the record we did tell Dillon that we thought you should stay because you deserve to be here more then them...you are the better player over those 2. Dillon agrees says they said you deserves it more.

Kevin says 3 days after (last weeks nominaions) the nominations Ika and Demetres ran to me and made a F3 with me called the Business People. We wanted a strong player to win the game. Karen and Dillon look shocked.

Kevin continue says I bought into it (no he didn't...lies) I was going to fight for you guys to be in the F3. Kevin throws Demetres and Ika under the bus.

DR Kevin says I'm telling Karen and Dillon right in front of Ika and Demetres about our deal I want to expose everything at this point. I know Demetres is not playing in this next HOH competition so I need to befriend Karen and Dillon so I have the best chance to survive the F5.

Back to the living room Kevin the bus driver continues...saying they told me if they got power again they would put up you 2 guys he points to Karen and Dillon.

Ika says we did, we did say that but these to just gave me their vote...what did you wants us to do?

Demetres says I could turn my back on them after they did that.

Kevin says by your actions of putting me on the block over Karen and Dillon nullified out F3 deal.

Ika says if I didn't have their votes I would of went home. We just could NOT put Karen and Dillon on the block.

Kevin says but it was OK to put me on the block. You guys know I was going to fight for us to give to F3. I believed that but obviously you guys didn't belive that.

Ika says the trust with Karen and Dillon was stronger then the trust we had with you.

Kevin says well I wish you would of told Neda because I was going to fight for the 3 of us to go to the end. (...that's all BS. He was not going to fight for them)

Time for the HOH competition called Drunk Speeches. Demetres is the host.

Houseguests will listen to other HGs speeches as what the would of sounded like if the HGs were drunk while saying them. They have to identify what day the speech was given with the number cards in front of them.

The Houseguests that answers the most questions correctly will be the new HOH.

DR Kevin tells us he needs to win this HOH. He just survived the triple eviction by the skin of his teeth. These people do not want me in this house anymore.

Ika DR says this is the most important HOH so far this season. Who ever wins it I'd guaranteed F4. If I do not wins this Demetres and I are in danger once again.

Kevin wins the HOH competition...by a landslide.

DR Kevin says he can't belive he won HOH after the craziest day ever. All his studying paid off.

DR Ika tells us it's Kevin's HOH she feels upset, sad, hurt..F4 was right there. I could just taste it. ugh, this is depressing.


Ika and Demetres feeling defeated. They question that maybe they shouldn't have put him (Kevin) up. Demetres says but he won POV and HOH back to back...he doesn't think it would of mattered.

Karen joins them says worst outcome. They both agree. Absolutely the worst outcome. He is F4 now.

Flip to Kevin celebrating in the washroom talking to himself. I had two chances to win immunity in the F5 and that was it. Yes! I am by myself now, but I can still win this thing.

DR Kevin says I just won the HOH. I know Ika and Demetres just lied to me about keeping me safe but I can't  get emotional I have to look at them all as game peices and make the best move for me.

Back to washroom Dillon enters tells him good job man. they hug.

Kevin once again gets his HOH room. He gets a video from Pili. He gets his little pink piggy back.

Ika leaves the HOH room for the washroom.

In the DR she tells us how devastating it is for Kevin to win. She know that he will put up Demetres and herself. This time he will want to get one of us out.

She is more upset that she can't put out a win. She feels like she let Demetres down once again. Every time we are in trouble he saves us....when I need to win it let him down. It sucks

Karen gets a task from Marsha the Moose.  It's a shredding task similar to the one Ika is famous for...I have to move on to game related stuff but If you get a chance you must watch this...it very entertaining. Actually watch the whole episode it will be worth your time.

Karen goes to the Bridge to do her task...Dillon, Kevin Ika and Demetres watch on  the TV screen in the HOH.

This is awesome! Ika loses it! Can't say it enough BEST TASK EVER!

Moving on.

Demetres tells us he is almost 100% himself and Ika are going up. He just doesn't seem how they will get out of this mess.

Ika and Demetres start to run thru senerios.

They know if Ika is gone Demetres will take Karen. Dillon will take Karen and Kevin will take Karen to F2. Karen wants me out she is not dumb she will vote me out. Demetres says if I win Veto I will vote for you to stay they will vote for the other to stay so it will come down to Kevin as the tie breaker.

DR Demetres tells us we haven't campaigned to Kevin and he hasn't come to us, some how we are still here after last week...getting out if this this week is going to be difficult.

We get a clip of the bed in the pink room that why all believe is hexed. (Bad luck bed) 3rd bed from the door. Everyone that has slept in that bed has gone home. Everytime a hgs sleeps or lies on the bed they go home. They show Cass, Gary, Sindy, Bruno and Jackie all at one point on that bed. Then they show Ika going to sit on the bed but she instantly jumps up screaming. Karen and Demetres tells her she must get her clothes off and get into the shower immediately. She does. Karen takes hee clothes with a towel and puts them into the wash.  LOL

Moving on to the Dillon and Kevin in the HOH room Kevin  telling Dillon he is in a good spot. They run thru senerios Dillon tells Kevin if I win the F4 HOH I'll keep you safe. Kevin says well you can't it all comes down to the Veto. He gives Dillon a pillow diagram walk thru so he understands the HOH only win immunity to F3. It's the person that has the Veto will cast the latest vote to evict.

Kevin promises Dillon F2 over Karen if they are the F3. Dillon says honestly I don't mind taking you to the F2 over Kevin. As the 2 promise F2 to each other Karen is walking up the stairs stops at he HOH door and over hears them making the F2 deal.

Karen heads to the pink room and tells Demetres and Ika she just over heard them running senerios and promising esch other F2.

Time for nominations

Kevin nominates Ika and Demetres for eviction.

You will NOT want to miss Wednesday's POV episode. This episode was epic...the next episode will blow you away. The live feeds have been LIT over what happens.  I believe Kevin makes a BIG...STUPID mistake...but he will still have a chance to get to F3 If he wins the F4 POV.

Turn in Wednesday night at 9:00pm to find out what happens. I'm not going going spoil it here. Love this Game!


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