may2 S34 Ep11 SG 002
By honeySC

Tonight Survivor Game Changers opens with the tribe returning to camp after Debbie was sent to the jury. Colpepper, Tai, and are blown away by the blindside. Sarah admits to Brad and the rest that she flipped. She is hoping that in the end, she will be seen  as a game changer, not afraid to make the tough moves. With the control removed by Debbie's demise, Cirie sees that she needs to be on her toes. She knows that she could end up on the jury if she makes a wrong move.

Jeff calls the tribe for a reward challenge. In teams of five they must collect thirty bags to solve a word puzzle. The winning five will be flown to a luxury resort where they will spend the night sleeping in a real bed, with cheese cake and all the luxury foods. Blue is Andrea, Sarah, Aubry, Zeke, and Colpepper. Orange is Michaela, Troyzan, Cirie, Sierra, and Tai.

They have to race through an obstacle course and then mount a chair that the rest of the team will have to maneuver to the bags in numerical order. When they collect ten bags they can switch out. Both teams are close, but Andrea gets to the 11-20 numbers and gets them moved to the table where they can build the puzzle. The pulling team makes the difference and Orange falls behind when they aren't pulling evenly. Sierra falls behind for her team while Sarah gets the last set of numbers and pulls her team out ahead. They begin working on the puzzle and look for the phrase. With cognitive functions lower due to poor diet, fifteen minutes elapses and neither side has a clue. This is a difficult puzzle and time passes with little headway. Zeke and Andrea both begin to move on the puzzle and the phrase "reinventing how this game is played" is created. Andrea, Sarah, Aubry, Zeke, and Brad win the reward.

Sarah is stoked to be flying by helicopter and enjoys the view. They land to enjoy an infinity pool and mimosas. They gorge themselves on a marvelous meal of salad, sauces, meats, and cheese cakes. Brad and Zeke bond and the girls watch wondering where Zeke's loyalties lie.

Back at Maku Maku, Tai asks Troyzan if his name has come up. Tai has not told anyone that he has two idols and he intends to keep the secret for as long as possible. Aubry feels that she has been on a luxury trip, but worries about Brad and Zeke bonding. Andrea and Cirie discuss taking Zeke out very soon. Cirie feels that Zeke knows the game way better than she does. Cirie brings up the idea to Sarah and Sarah pretends that she is down for it, but says that she is not worried about Zeke. She confides to Cirie that she has an advantage to steal a vote. Sarah wants to be able to switch sides since she wants to be with whoever is in control of the game.

It is day 29 and Maku Maku has Zeke nervous. He feels an erie calm in camp. He feels that the game has been broken open and he can use his survivor skillset to plot and scheme. Sarah feels that she can trust Zeke who also trusts her. She thinks that they need to stick with the girls for now, but Zeke wants to move to a final five with the two of them, Brad, Troyzan, and Michaela. Brad is very happy to hear that after his bonding with Zeke. He really doesn't want to vote out Tai, but knows he is here to win the game.

Jeff calls the tribe for the immunity challenge. They must stack blocks on a beam while climbing over an obstacle. If they hit the obstacle, the dominoes will fall. The goal is to stack them so they will fall and hit a flag. They must high step each move in order not to wiggle the table. Andrea takes the lead and is down to her last block, but has not reached the end and she must reposition each block. This allows Michaela to catch up, but Andrea wins immunity when she gets her blocks to tumble and hit the platform. Andrea is safe at Tribal Council. She feels her win came at a good point since she feels she is at the bottom of her alliance and may have been voted out.

Andrea feels that Zeke betrayed her and since she does not trust him, she wants him gone. She speaks with Cirie and they approach Sierra who promises to vote the way they want her to. She hopes that it is anyone but her. Cirie and Andrea approach Sarah and Sarah is not up for it, but she will not open her mouth. She tells them that she is good for it and the girls then approach Aubry and Michaela. Aubry feels that they need to strike before Zeke does. Michaela feels that they are not seeing that with only a majority of one that person can switch and they are gone. Michaela is not up for it, but doesn't say anything except to Sarah, and they think that they should go after Sierra instead of Zeke. Sarah feels that she can't speak up because they will see her ulterior motive. She is aware that the deciding votes will come from her and Michaela.

They head to Tribal Council. Sarah speaks up and admits that she flipped in the last Tribal Council. Brad says that the situation flipped. Tai says that he feels he is on the bottom. He feels he may really go home tonight. Sierra feels she may head home tonight as well. Zeke says that it looks like a mirror image of the last votes. Andrea says that she looks for a fit, and Michaela sees her six standing together and says that it is six versus four. Zeke says that if you are making a big move, you need to do it at the right time, and tonight is not the right time.

Sierra says that she tried to plead her case and she will do what they want her to do. Michaela says that if you are here playing, you have to turn the heart down so you can make it to the next day. She says that it is unfortunate that to win the game you have to send home others. Sierra says that you can't treat people like human chess pieces.

The votes:
Jeff asks for the hidden immunity idol. Tai does not play it.
Tai, Sierra, Tai, Sierra, Tai, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke, Zeke. Zeke is the eleventh person voted out of Survivor Game Changers and the fourth member of the jury. Zeke is shocked. He tells them to keep playing hard. Jeff reminds them that this proves the undeniable truth of the game. Just because you have the numbers does not mean that you have the trust. He sends the remaining nine back to camp.

Next episode:
A willingness to trust can form an unbreakable alliance, and the group plays to see their loved ones.

Zeke speaks:
Zeke feels it was a smart move for Andrea to come after him. He feels he has blown past boundaries and is forever stronger for playing the game.


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