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Tonight on Big Brother Canada we will continue with the Power of Veto Ceremony and find out if the Secret POV is  used on Bruno or Kevin.  Arisa also tells us we get to see Neda welcome Sindy in the jury house.  As always the start of the HOH competition... but I do know who wins and will add it to the bottom of my recap.

So it just moments after William closes the POV box the alarms start to sound and lights have gone red. RED ALERT!

Demetres is call to the DR where he finds a card saying to return to the Living Room and read it to his fellow houseguests.

Back in the living room Demetres reads the card it says basically says someone found a secret Veto and have choose to use it on Kevin and now Demetres has to make a replacement nomination.

Demetres puts Karen on the block to ensure Bruno goes home.

With that the POV Ceremony is officially over. Demetres asks Karen to go talk in the HOH room.

Demetres reassures Karen that she is just the pawn...Karen is far from convinced she believes she will get backdoored this week. Karen tells him he just messed up her game. Karen leaves.

DR Demetres says call Karen a paranoid player is a appsolute understatement.

Now that I've put her on the block her radar is going nuts.

Karen is mad. She passed Jackie on the stairs and says well played Jack. Jackie don't even...tells her to stfu.

DR Jackie says Karen is a crazy lady and it getting on her last nerve.

Dre, Ika and Dillon discuss who had the secret Veto.  Ika and Dre believe it was either Kevin, William or Jackie.

DR Dre tells us all she knows is that it wasn't her.

Jackie joins them, she feels like it was Kevin that had it and used it on himself. Ika tells her that everyone thinks it's you...Jackie says oh god no.  I would never take that chance.

DR Jackie tells us everyone in this house is extremely paranoid..

In the kitchen Ika, Demetres Kevin William Jackie and Dre discuss who could of had it. Kevin says it wasn't him but he is very thankful to whoever used it on him.

Ika has a crazy moment in the panty saying Big Brother is LIT. She freaks out saying how come I never find nothing in this house.

Pink Bedroom

Dillon swears to Karen that he had no idea about the Secret POV.

Karen is confused as to why Demetres would put her up over Jackie. Karen is convinced that Bruno will stay over her.

DR Karen says she knew there was going  to be a secret power of Veto because she is a witch. Her husband always says they kill people like you in the 1800s.

Back to the bedroom Karen is still freaking out to Dillon.

DR Dillon says he wants Karen to stay so just chill out. Let's not throw anyone under threat bus and keep it cool.

Bruno enter the bedroom with a sandwich for Karen. Karen says good job for you huh. That just guaranteed your safety. Bruno is confused and wonders what he did. I just came to give group a dryer ass sandwich. Karen goes on and on about how good this is for Bruno.

Bruno is like what? I had no idea about all this.

DR Bruno says Karen I freaking out, she had only been on the block for 5 minutes. She had such a big personality and big mouth and that will help my game this week.

Clip to Karen going out to the hot tub.

DR Karen says not only is she on the block but Kevin Martin who I have been completely annoyed by this whole season is now safe and I'm in jeopardy.

She is so flipping pissed.

Hot tub area Karen is talking to Bruno again Kevin joins them.

Karen says nobody wants you out here what do you want? Kevin says hello

Karen goes on a tiraid on Kevin saying this is the only good move you have made all season. Kevin says thank you but this is one move I wasn't involved in.

Karen says Kevin come on. Bruno says Kevin and I have nobody in this house

Karen calls BS he just went from going good one jury to safe. No body else is this house is this stupid Kevin.  

Kevin tells her not to call him a stupid person. Just because we are against each other in the game does that mean  you have to attack my character.

This starts Karen in a rant again. In the end tells him to get the F**k over it.

DR Kevin says Karen is being super nasty right now. He doesn't even really know what he did to this lady. If I can keep bugging her and she blows up there is a good chance we can save Bruno.

Back to the hot tub area...they are silent Kevin says so Karen is out F2 still on.

(lol) this sets Karen off again.

Karen says oh shut up!! Over my dead body I would never make a final 2 you.

Kevin is trying to tell her it was just a joke.

Karen goes on....I haven't make a F2 with anyone in this house. Don't try to create more paranoia  you aragent f**** little prick. You've done enough. So go F*** yourself.  Kevin gets up and leaves.

After the commercial break Kevin is in the washroom and William enters Kevin says thank you. thank you so much.

DR William says I don't want to lie to Kevin so he told Kevin he was the one that used the secret Veto on him.

Back in the bathroom Kevin says don't you want me to take credit for it. They all think I had it.

William says he would like that.

DR William says he kept Kevin because it was better for his game. He think Kevin  will repay he favor later in I the game and save him.

DR Kevin says he is safe and it feels amazing. But the next item on his list is to make sure Bruno stays in this house.

We need a plan.

Kevin and Bruno talk I the Pink Bedroom Kevin tells Bruno that William is the one that saved him. Bruno questions why William didn't use the other Veto on him. Kevin says he doesn't know and he had no idea William also had the secret Veto or he would if pushed for him to save both of them.

They try I figure out how they can save Bruno. Bruno believes he has Kevin's vote. Bruno says it's going to be tuff. Kevin says we can get William Bruno says probably not.

Kevin says we can do it. Bruno says If they can get 3 votes and get Demetres to be the tie breaker. If they can get Ika and Kevin is 2 votes they only need 1 more with Demetres breaking the tie.

Bruno is not sure it's going to be possible. It's going to be hard man.

Kevin says he will do anything to keep Bruno here.

Flip to Ika, Demetres and Kevin talking in the HOH bathroom. They are talking about Karen going nuts.

DR Kevin says as we are bonding on Karen going nuts it's a good opportunity to pitch that Bruno staying is a good idea.

Kevin pitches that Karen is a threat. Ika agrees. Bruno joins them. Ika suggests they just let Karen lose her mind.

They discuss scenarios if both of them stay.

DR Ika says even tho she wanted Kevin  gone more then anything in this house. The secret POV screwed that up. Now she may have to work with them for 1 more week.

The conversation in HOH bathroom wraps up they hug it out.


Brickly Teddy bears have been hidden all over the house. There will be something good or bad from Big Brother in each bear.

Jackie has a slop pass with the bear she wins a slop pass for the rest of the season.

Round 1

Dre, Dillon and William have bears. They know have to pick someone to do a punishment a polar bear swim in the backyard.

Dillon picks Demetres, Dre picks Kevin and William very happily picks Ika. lol he says my queen you need to cool down. when Ika gets in his face.

Last round HGs scatter to find more bears.

Everyone finds a bear but Demetres.

So his punishment is to dress like a bear and sleep in a cave for the rest of the week.

Kevin's bear won him a $1000 gift card from the Brick.

Also The Brick will be donating $1000 to the Children's Miracle Network. (childrens charity) All the house guests are happy about that.

First punishment - polar bear swim. A tub of water I'm with lots of ice is setup in the backyard.  Kevin, Demetres and Ika all dunk themselves. Ika owns it. She won't give them the satisfaction.

2nd Punishment for Demetres.  

Bear costume and a bear cave have been setup for him in a corner of the backyard.

He's a good sport about the whole thing.

Jury time Neda tells us all about jury and how she is handling it.

She welcomes Sindy. Neda is not bitter but she did say to Sindy told you so.

Sindy and Neda say they won't be a bitter jury they will vote for who played the best game.

Back from commercial break. Arisa talk to the HGs.  She shows them a video of Ika freaking out in the POV competition over the albino rabbit.  Talks to Demetres about his bear outfit he is still wearing. Then to Kevin about being saved but a secret POV.

Time for eviction

Bruno and Karen give very short speeches.

Dillon votes to evict Bruno

Jackie votes...Bruno

Kevin votes....Karen

Ika votes....Bruno

William votes...Bruno

Dre votes....Bruno

By a vote of 5-1 Bruno is evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey.

Bruno hugs everyone and leaves. He joins Arisa and have a little chat. He sees his wife in the audience and get a little emotional. He gets his good bye messages.

HOH competition

This competition is called Pressed for Power. This is how it works... they each have their own weight station. They will press their weights against their plates. Their job is to keep them there. If they drop a weight they are out. The last person holding their weights in place will be the new HOH.

Arisa let's them get into place and the competition begins.

After a moment we see Arisa on stage and she tells us next Thursday will be a TRIPPLE EVICTION!  

That's it for the show. Tune in next Monday 9:00PM EST to find out who won the HOH competition and who did the nominate.

From the Live Feeds

Kevin won the POV and will probably nominate Ika and Demetres.

If he only knew next week was a Tripple Eviction. I bet his nominations would be different. Kevin went out on a Tripple Eviction in his season BBCAN 3.

Nothing is set in stone either he does know if he takes out Ika and Demetres he will be the only vet left in the game and the next biggest target.

Anyways, we shall see what he does.


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