The reality of getting older has started to get to Sheldon, he feels out of touch with the youth of today and unable to fully grasp the new lingo.

He starts looking into cognitive vitality to try to renew and extend the power of his mind. He discovers super aging, where he has to over exercise his brain in order to build its 'muscle' so to speak.

He starts by learning to bake croissants. But discovers that it's not enough, so Amy advises that he challenge his motor skills.

He goes to Howard to learn something physical in the circus arts like juggling. 

In fear of developing juggler elbow, he moves on to trying to ride a unicycle, in his living room. He fails at that as well and Amy starts to notice a pattern. When the going gets tough, he gives up too easily. 

She suggests that if he wants to succeed in science and life he might want to redirect his attention away from comic books and video games. Her suggestion is met with hostility not surprisingly.

Penny runs into her ex Zach while out with the girls and he reveals he got engaged.

He invites her and Leonard out to dinner, but he isn't all that enthusiastic about it.

Except Zach's fiancé doesn't show up, apparently she had an emergency. 

Over the course of the dinner, he ends up offering Penny a job in his company in Menu sales. 

Leonard isn't particularly comfortable with that idea but Penny thinks it's great. She of course assumes that he's jealous and is forcing her to stay at a job she hates. 

He ends up inadvertently calling her stupid for considering it. 

Bernie and Howard agree with Leonard, as a married couple themselves they can see the problem, but Penny thinks he should just trust her and not be so threatened. 

They talk it out and he tells her that he doesn't want to hold her back and tells her to go for the job. 

Except when she calls Zach, turns out his fiancé wasn't happy about him hiring her and he got hit in the face with a shoe.

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