Hello, and welcome to Masterchef Junior on Fox. Tonight we have eight cooks left to compete for the final prize. Edward Lee is the guest judge. 

Aw, their families are here this week. It is so cute to see their reactions. I am tearing up seeing everyone reunite. 

Mystery box challenge! Each cook is given a  Blue Apron delivery box.They must make their own dish and the winner will have their recipe featured on the website. 

As always, the judges watch the cooks and give their commentary and advice. 

Afnan’s pan seared salmon, Justice’s pan seared salmon and Adam’s crispy salmon are the top three dishes for this challenge.

Justice is the winner and will get her recipe published and a year long subscription to Blue Apron. 

The families say goodbye and then it is time for the next challenge. They will make several types of sushi, including tempura and California rolls. It will be a tag team challenge, chosen by Justice. 


Justice and Shayne

Jasmine and Adam

Cydney and Evan

Afnan and Peyton 

The teams get to work, but there is a lot of chaos. Afnan and Peyton are struggling the most with making the sushi just so. She thinks it is fine, but he is afraid it isn’t right.  

The other teams are just as hysterical, which causes even more problems. The judges try to help, but they can’t do much. 

The judges continue to offer help, offer advice and observe. 

Before long, it is time for the judges to give the pros and cons on each dish.  My heart breaks for poor Cydney, who is upset about her and Evan’s dish being a mess. 

Cydney and Evan and Afnan and Peyton are in the bottom four. Cydney and Evan are safe, which means Peyton and Afnan are going home. Chef Ramsay tells them to keep going for their dreams as they say goodbye. 

Join us next week for the top six! Goodnight.

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