Hello and welcome to The Amazing Race on CBS. Tonight, we head to Tanzania for the next leg of the race. 

Double U-Turn week, so some teams may have to do both detours a building one or a weaving one. 

Build It: Make a desk, walk it through the village, and deliver it to a classroom

Weave It: Weave two baskets out of coconut leaves

Two teams choose the weaving, while the others choose the build it. All the teams have their struggles, but one by one they finish and try to get to the next clue. 

Roadblock! They need to buy a bunch of food from a long list, which proves to be interesting for most of the teams. It is a complete and epic fail all around and honestly, I don’t care. 

It looks like Tara and Joey and Ashton and Vanck are the victims of the U-Turn, as are Seth and Olive? I am so confused! It seems like a lot of the teams have it? What the heck? 

This is the most confusing episode ever. The shopping road block is particularly annoying because of the way they are acting. I worked retail for years and seeing how they are acting really grinds my gears. 

Pit stop! We are at a rooftop hotel called Emerson on Hurumzi.

1. Liz and Mike, who win a trip to Amsterdam

2. Tara and Joey

3. Ashton and Vanck

4. Matt and Redmond

5. Floyd and Becca—but theirs doesn’t count because they lost their passport. Luckily, their cab driver finds them and gives it to them, allowing them to check in. However, they drop to 8th place and Logan and London become the 5th ones to check in.

6. Brooke ans Scott

7. Sara and Shamir

8. Floyd and Becca

9. Seth and Olive—eliminated

More next week! Stay tuned!

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