Hello and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. Tonight is the episode we have all been waiting for….the Boy Meets World holiday reunion with Shawn Hunter, Alan Matthews, Amy Matthews and Joshua Matthews returning. As you remember Rider Strong played Shawn, while William Russ and Betsy Randle played Cory’s parents. 

We open with Topanga worrying about hosting the holidays for the first time. She is worried about impressing her in-laws, while Riley wants Maya to feel welcome. Cory is bouncing off the walls waiting for Shawn to arrive. Maya wonders if he even exists. 

Riley wonders if her Uncle Shawn likes her because she doesn’t see him very often. 

Cory’s parents arrive and they look exactly the same—so adorable. Alan gives Auggie money while Amy gives him cookies. Topanga worries about impressing Amy, who wants to know what she is doing wrong. 

Maya sees Josh and is smitten. She says she can be Riley’s aunt. Auggie is excited to see his uncle, while Maya plots to be the new aunt.

As everyone chats, Shawn sneaks in to surprise Cory. Cue the hugging and original bromance reunion!!! They nearly crush Auggie, who says he is lucky to get out of there alive. Everyone is thrilled Shawn is there to spend the holidays with them. 

Riley and Maya see themselves as the new version of Cory and Shawn. 

The guys catch up and sing together as if they had their own show. Cory wants him to return to the city, but Shawn isn’t sure.

The girls and guys compare whose friendship is the best, which is hilarious. Maya wants to know why Shawn makes Riley feel bad and says it is not okay. Shawn says that maybe they are more alike than he thought. 

Meanwhile, Josh and Auggie play pranks on Alan. Maya and Riley question Shawn as to why he doesn’t seem interested in her life. Cory says Shawn knows more than they think.

Topanga shows Amy how she made her favorite foods using her special recipes. She is shocked the meal was gone in five minutes when she cooked for two days. 

Shawn talks about working for his own traveling site. Maya can relate to him a bit and says she is a fan of his site. They spar a bit and then Riley questions him about when her birthday is—December 8th. He takes them out for dessert and says she was 7 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches when she was born at 6am. He was the first one to hold her and remembers the day so well because it was the day he left the city. Maya questions a bit, but Riley suddenly realizes that he really does love her. He says she is Cory with Topanga’s hair. 

Riley asks him if she is a reminder of what he doesn’t have. He asks for the check. They return to the house and Riley orders the guys to go to her room. She makes them talk about how much they missed each other and Shawn says he feels trapped and tries to leave out the window. Maya stops them and they talk about their schemes and Riley wants to know why Shawn left.

Shawn admits he wasn’t sure how to be the cool uncle, so he left. Josh and Auggie come up to make fun of them, which makes Shawn say that the cool uncle role was taken.

Farkle comes to the window and is confused to see the guys. Shawn is shocked that Minkus has a son. He says that even Minkus has a family. He finally admits he wishes he had a family and left because it was hard to realize what he didn’t have.

Maya comes up to talk to Shawn. Riley tells Cory they are them. They leave the two of them alone to talk about their parents. Maya admits she has half a mom and her dad has a new family. Shawn says he would never let a child grow up like that. They have a bonding moment.

Cory and Topanga admit they are each others whole lives. He gives her a spa gift and everyone continues to bond together. 

Shawn invites everyone to go on his next trip with him, even Maya because Riley doesn't go anywhere without her best friend.

The show ends with Shawn giving Riley a camera so she can make more memories with Maya. 

Join us next time for more Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. Goodnight.

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