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The Love God

This week’s Gravity Falls took a break from the season’s story arc of Dipper trying to locate the author of the notebook. Instead, we’re treated to a story about Mabel and matchmaking. 

I know, I know. We just had a matchmaking episode involving Soos, and it was a rare low (well, mediocre) point for Gravity Falls. But this? This is everything we love about Gravity Falls. Namely - lots of Mabel!

Mabel and Dipper are finally in with Wendy’s crowd. Despite being twelve, they fit in well with the fifteen year olds. And Dipper’s slightly creepy crush on Wendy is, thankfully, over. While hanging out in the cemetery one day and picking on Thompson, they encounter Robbie in an open grave, crying over his breakup with Wendy. 

This does not sit well with Mabel, who wants to make everyone in her life happy. She even has a chart (with stickers, natch) to keep track of everyone’s happiness. It kills her that Robbie is the only sad face sticker. Dipper tries to convince Mabel to forget Robbie - things are finally perfect for them and their friends and nothing needs to change. 

Not that Mabel ever listens to Dipper. 

An indie-rock festival is coming to town, featuring several bands including The Love God. The Love God is well known for his matchmaking skills. So while Mabel tries unsuccessfully to set Robbie up with Tambry in Lazy Susan’s diner, she requires a little help from The Love God. 

Because it turns out The Love God isn’t just a band name. He actually is a cherub. And he proves it to Mabel by having a badger and snake fall in love (“They’re going to make a snadger!”). He warns Mabel against matchmaking, but she doesn’t listen. She steals some love potion and pours it on Robbie and Tambry’s chili fries. 

Love ensues as Robbie and Tambry leave the diner to go kiss in public. Robbie and Tambry’s new relationship, while it makes Robby, Tambry, and Mabel happy, upsets everyone else. Wendy is mad that Tambry’s dating her ex, Lee is mad that Robbie would date the girl he has a crush on, and Nate is mad that Lee didn’t tell him he had a crush on Tambry. They all refuse to attend the indie-rock concer together.

Now Mabel’s happiness chart is way out of whack. Mabel and Dipper go to the indie rock festival with plans to steal an anti-love potion from the Love God. (The Love God hilariously tries to steal it back using images of Mabel’s past loves.) But when Dipper and Mabel see how happy Robbie and Tambry are, they don’t have the heart to use it. 

Everything works itself out. The gang bonds over watching Thompson get chased by security for sneaking in snacks. Robbie smiles at Wendy, Wendy smiles at Tambry, and Lee and Nate smile and arm-punch each other. 

In the episode’s B story, which took up less than five minutes of the entire episode, Gruncle Stan and Soos try to capitalize on the young people coming in to Gravity Falls for the rock concert. They make a hot air balloon in the shape of Gruncle Stan’s face that says “I heart kids!” The balloon warps Stan’s face, plus the H and R fall off the sign, so it reads “I eat kids!” Then the balloon catches fire, terrifies everyone at the concert, and traps the Love God - which is what allows Mabel and Dipper to make off with the anti-love potion. 

Random thoughts:
  • “Gaze upon death! Gaze upon death!” -The chant the gang uses to convince Thompson to look into an open grave.
  • Robbie’s middle name is Stacy! And his parents run a funeral home, but they are RIDICULOUSLY cheerful.
  • It bears repeating: “They’re going to make a snadger!”
  • Dipper can not pull off that V-neck.
  • Mabel’s past loves include “The guy from the ten-dollar bill.” (That’s Alexander Hamilton, for you non-Americans.)
  • Sooo….when the Love God was called to the stage, and he fell out of his van with a man and a woman, we were supposed to think he was having a threesome, right? RIGHT? Or was that just my dirty mind?

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