Hello and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. This week, Riley wants a later curfew, so Cory and Topanga have her babysit Auggie to see if they can trust her.

Maya and Riley try out for the cheerleading squad, but fail to make the cut. Maya wants to go shopping, but Riley has a curfew. However, she decides to rebel and go shopping anyway. 

When she gets home, Cory and Topanga are there, but not terribly upset. Riley is upset she is not being taken seriously, so they have her babysit Auggie while they celebrate their anniversary. (It is Auggie’s idea because he doesn’t like any of his other babysitters.)

Cory and Topanga get ready for their date. Cory has a father/son chat with Auggie while Topanga has a mother/daughter chat with Riley about how they met. 

Before Cory and Topanga leave, they give Riley an egg to take care of, so she comes up with a history about her life. She hands it over to Topanga, who drops it on the floor. The point? The egg can break in a minute, so she needs to remember she is responsible for Auggie at all times.

Maya comes over while Riley is babysitting. They want to watch something on TV, but Auggie wants to play. She tells him to wait, so he glumly goes to his room and rips down the special sign he made for pirate night.

Cory and Topanga are stuck in the subway and get serenaded by a musician who names his new song Topanga. We get a ton of BMW flashbacks, which is cute. He also proposes again with a ring pop. He also borrows some random kid’s horse to give her a special carriage ride. They decide to call it a night to go home. and spy on the kids, who are fighting.

Auggie comes downstairs and threatens to toss the remote out the window because he wants attention. He tattles to Cory and Topanga, who tell him it will get better. Auggie says if it doesn’t, he wants a brother. 

Maya tells Riley how lucky she is to have Auggie when Farkle comes to bug them. Riley says she wants to let someone she loves know she cares and he makes it about him. 

Riley and Maya make it up to Auggie by playing pirates. 

Cory and Topanga watch them from the window. He has Farkle give her the bracelet she wanted and she gives him a hug and kiss. Farkle faints. 

The show ends with everyone enjoying breakfast together. 

Join us next week for the Girl Meets World Boy Meets World reunion. Goodnight!

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