Hello, and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney Channel.  We are back with an all new episode of the popular series, which will have a reunion of its predecessor Boy Meets World in two weeks. Yes, that means Shawn, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews and other alumni showing up! Who else is excited? Anyway, back to this episode, which has Riley, Farkle and Lucas running for class president. 

We get a look at the Riley for Princess video, our catchy theme song and another class lesson from Cory. He is talking about democracy when Lucas walks in late, saying his flight from Texas was delayed. Maya makes fun of him as usual.

Cory tells them about the class elections. Remember when this happened in the original series? Farkle wants to be nominated, so some random dude, aka the rebel, nominates him says he has his back. Lucas also has his back, but represents the good guy. 

Riley nominates Lucas. Maya wants to nominate Riley for something, so she goes on a tangent about wanting to be a princess. 

When Riley gets home, she talks to Cory about her campaign. He says as her teacher he has to be impartial, but can be interested as her father. She wonders if she should be serious Riley or smiley Riley.

Topping tries to put Auggie to bed, but he won’t go to sleep. He goes on and on about When You Give A Mouse A Cookie and refuses to sleep. Topanga asks Cory for help, so he puts on the Mets/Phillies game. Sound familiar?

The next morning, Auggie sleeps, which upsets Topanga because he won’t sleep at night again. Cory pretends to sleep to get out of putting him to bed. (BTW, this game they watched was 26 innings)

Back to the elections. Lucas, Riley and Farkle try to get people to listen to the issues. Riley is still on the princess campaign (and even gets a crown from Topanga), Farkle wants to be dictator and gives out t-shirt while Lucas wants what is best for everyone. This, of course, causes more fighting and competition. Lucas doesn’t want Riley to attack Farkle while Maya wants to find dirt on Lucas. 

Auggie is tossing things at Topanga because she is sleeping and he wants to stay up. Cory sees this and Topanga wakes up and wonders why Auggie won’t sleep. He dozes, but once Cory leaves, he is up again.

At school, Lucas is on the phone arguing with his dad. The girls hear it and he wonders if they will use it against him, especially when he says he is unhappy at school. Maya has a recording of the call and Riley asks her to delete it. Maya, of course, refuses. 

Cory is about to announce the results when the girls come in saying they have late-breaking news about Lucas. He says if they want to be like this, it is ok with him.

Cory puts in the DVD, and it turns out the video is from his friends back home endorsing him and the girls. They also wonder if there is a Farkle. 

Lucas is touched and says he is home. He wins the election and nominates Farkle as Vice-President. Maya is his secretary of state, which the random rebel dude says is a good thing.

Riley feels left out and wonders what she is to Lucas. He gets the white horse which was using for her campaign and says she is a princess. 

Topanga tells the story of When You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Auggie finally says he wants both mommy and daddy to tuck him in at night. Riley joins them and they all cuddle on the couch. 

Join us next week for more Girl Meets World. Goodnight.

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