Hello, and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. Tonight, we deal with the topic of bullying and how it is dealt with in this day and age. I have seen the previews and they break my heart. 

We open with Cory talking about graduation and awards night. Maya screams that she didn’t win anything, with Riley backing her up. Cory says that Maya actually won the Griff Hawkins Totally Cool Award. (Points to those who get the reference.) The Scholar Athlete finalists are Lucas and some random dude named Billy. They do a handshake of awesomeness and talk about it being a competition. 

Farkle wins an award as well for being confident, (the name goes by so fast that I miss it) but he is not AT his desk. There is a message box on his desk that sounds like anyone ever calling for help at a call center or are need of a representative. 

Riley doesn’t win anything and feels invisible. The voice of Farkle says it is sometimes good to be invisible. 

Farkle is in the janitor closet with Harley, who wants to know why he is there. Farkle says he wouldn’t understand. Harley says he is not proud of why, but he does know what he is going through.

Harley sends him out to the hall, where Maya, Riley and Lucas are looking for him. He says people are making fun of him and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He doesn’t think anyone would understand and walks away.

Cory and Topanga are enjoying alone time when Ava arrives. Auggie isn’t there, but she says she will stay because her mommy is telling her daddy what he is doing wrong. She adds that Topanga can’t send her away. 

The next day, Cory is talking about historical figures. The lesson today is being presented with opportunities to show who you are and how you would react if someone tries to take away your spirit.

Riley goes to see Farkle in the janitor closet. He says he doesn’t want to be him anymore. She says she wants to know why he is so upset and he says someone told him he was the biggest nothing in this school. Riley just hugs him. I am crying because I was once in Farkle’s shoes. My heart just breaks that people could be so cruel. People need to realize bullying has long term ramifications on someone and while it is a part of growing up, it is not right. 

Harley says kids can be cruel and that he was the picker-onner and is ashamed of this. Maya and Lucas come in and want to know what is going on. Maya wants to beat someone up and Lucas says believing the bullies gives them power. Farkle doesn’t know why Lucas is his friend.

Harley talks about being a bully and how the kid he once bullied got him a job. Cory walks in and gets called JOHNNY BABOON!!! YES!!! Cory wants Farkle to come back to class. 

That afternoon, Maya, Lucas and Riley discuss what is going on with Farkle. Cory wants them to have the problem solved or go to an adult. Lucas makes a comment he doesn’t like and Cory kicks him out.

The next day, they are at gym when Billy asks Lucas if he will be at practice later. Lucas says no, he wants to help his friend. Billy says Farkle is a nothing and Lucas pushes him into the wall. Lucas wants to know why he is bullying Farkle. Billy says he is a nothing and Lucas wants to beat him up. Maya jumps on his back to stop it. 

Lucas goes into a speech about how Farkle is his best friend and the girls are also his friends. He says they are ALWAYS his friends no matter what. He wants to know why Billy only wants to be friends with baseball players. Billy says he doesn’t want to hang out with people who aren’t like him. Harley overhears and says it was an attitude like that that got him to where he is now. 

Meanwhile, Farkle is on the top of the rope and hears everything. He says Lucas is his best friend and falls. 

At home, the girls talk to Cory and Topanga about the Billy and Farkle problem. Ava comes in wanting breakfast. Topanga hugs and kisses her and tells her to be exactly who she is and be proud of it.  Ava says she can give her kisses whenever she wants. I get the idea she wishes Topanga was her mom.

In class, everyone (minus Billy) has a word that describes them on their heads, which leads to a lesson about flaws. Billy tries to leave and Cory asks him about his flaw. He says he doesn’t have any and finally admits he is jealous he doesn’t have friends like them. 

Cory says they are all human beings and if we sense our own flaws because we see them in others, true friends help you wipe them away. 

Billy apologizes to Farkle and says any friend of Lucas is a friend of his. He wipes off the word on Farkle’s forehead and does the handshake. Billy says he will wear his word (jealous) to understand it a bit more. 

Lucas wonders if Farkle will be okay. 

Harley brings Farkle his shirts and puts his arms around Cory, saying this is Mr. Matthews. Cory says people change.  

The show ends with the awards ceremony. Riley wins a spirit award from the student body. 

Join us next time for more Girl Meets World. Goodnight. 

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