The acclaimed cyberpunk bestseller by Mike Gullickson, The Northern Star: The Beginning, which Examiner hailed as on of the “Top 5 Indie-Published Books You Haven’t Read, But Should,” showed us a violent, technology dependent world where the Coalition—the combined might of China, the U.S., and the EU—occupied oil-rich countries to take all that remained.  The Northern Star: Civil War takes us further down the rabbit hole, where the digital connectedness of our world has allowed one man to subvert nations in his quest for immortality. In the first novel, John Raimey, a crippled soldier, sacrificed himself for duty and family and became the first Tank Major, a bionic soldier powerful enough to level buildings.  His sacrifice was in vain.  Ten years later, mentally ill, estranged from his daughter, and stationed in Africa to protect the mines needed to keep cyberspace alive, he airdrops into a town where the adults are murdered and the children abducted.  What Raimey uncovers sets him on a new mission: save his daughter, no matter the cost.

The Northern Star series addresses many of the global issues we’re dealing with today: invasion of privacy, depleting resources, public apathy, and the corporations and politicians who prey on that for their own agenda. We’re on a slippery slope.  But like the first novel, while the backdrop echoes our current time, the story is about the perils of ambition, the promises we make to our children, and how even the most monstrous of people don’t see themselves that way.  And maybe because of that, they can change.”  - Mike Gullickson

“It’s not often that you find new SciFi writers who are able to crank out page turners on their first go. This is one of them.”

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