Hello, and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney. Today, our kids will get jobs at school for a special project. How will they handle it? We are about to find out.

We open with the girls talking to Topanga about the assignment. They wonder how they will handle it, so she tells them about working two jobs and going to law school. Cory also puts in his two cents, which leads to Topanga complaining about having to do everything. She is in such a rush to get to work and finish getting ready that she almost forgets Auggie.

At school, Cory is teaching them about the Great Depression and the forgotten. The girls, as always, try to incorporate it into their own lives, which makes Cory want to leave. He pretends the bell rings and bolts. 

At lunch, Lucas and Farkle make a mashed potato volcano while the girls get their food. The volcano erupts, making a huge mess. Cory tells them they wasted food and were disrespectful, so the girls will work in the cafeteria for their job. The guys will be janitors. Lucas says these are the worst jobs, which actually upsets me. I say this all the time, a person is only as good as their work ethic. If a person works hard and puts their all into their job, it doesn’t matter what they do for a living, as long as its legal. Saying a job is ‘bad’ or not ‘real’ makes me angry. Every job is real, it is the effort you put into it that matters. 

Anyway, enough ranting.  Did anyone notice the janitor was Harley from Boy Meets World? The bully? I knew he was coming back so I am excited to see him!

The next day, the girls start working in the cafeteria. They start off by peeling potatoes and putting them in the pot. The cafeteria lady is hilarious, but also sweet. She says she knows Riley loves fish stick Fridays and always gives Maya extra to take home. She knows all her kids, which makes Riley feel bad about not knowing her name. 

Maya sneaks some spices into the food....we all know how this will turn out....

Meanwhile, Harley is teaching the guys how to clean the floors. He says he can identify kids by listening to them vomit. He knows one kid Alvin has a speech today and is unprepared.

Some kid drops paper on the floor, and Farkle goes to pick it up. Harley gets it and Lucas wonders if it happens a lot. Harley says yes, but it is his job.

Topanga comes home and sees the girls sleeping. She wants them to wake up and help, but the girls say they worked. Topanga is frustrated nothing got done. The girls realize the previous lesson was about them.

The next day, the girls and Mrs. Thompson (the cafeteria lady) prepare for lunch. They serve the food, but realize nobody smiled or said thank you….or even knew their names. Mrs. Thompson says this is her world. Then it comes time to wash the dishes..which of course is a nightmare.

The girls and Mrs. Thompson bond and she wants them to call her Geralyn. The guys come in, bragging about their easy day when someone vomits. Geralyn tells them they had one job.

At class the next day, the girls give their presentation and talk about how much they appreciate Geralyn and her hard work. Whatever we end up doing in life, we have to do it with the same enthusiasm and pride as her.

Lucas says Janitor Harley is a good man and he would not trade this experience for the world. Farkle says people may not notice him, but they would if he wasn’t even there.

Cory tells them they should thank those who work hard for them. I am glad they learned this lesson because it shows that we should appreciate everyone and the job they do.

At home, Riley thanks Topanga for her hard work and always being there. 

The show ends with the girls chatting with Geralyn and the boys helping Harley. Lucas even makes someone clean up something they dropped.

Cory talks about the importance of teachers, but everyone leaves. Harley tells Baboon (remember this? I legit squealed when he said it!) he appreciates him, but to leave so he can go home. I like how they are bonding as adults. It also looks like Harley will be back next week.

Join us next week for another Girl Meets World where we see Farkle face bullies. Goodnight.

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