Hello, and welcome to a special edition of Girl Meets World on Disney. Tonight is a Halloween episode, narrated by Auggie and interrupted by Topanga. 

Auggie talks about fears, which leads to us finding out that Farkle is afraid of softball. Cory tells Farkle he won’t write him a note to get out of softball. Farkle says Maya throws things at him. She says she is the pitcher. Farkle continues to freak out straight into class. 

The coach, while funny, won’t let Farkle get out of playing. Riley flirts with Lucas. Farkle is up and freaks out. He thinks he is in the clear when the lights go out, but no such luck. They come back and he is forced to play some more. 

Lucas says he is taking Maya out of the game because he knows how to pitch to Farkle. However, he hits him, causing Farkle to finally face his fears.

As an aside, what the hell are up with these outfits?

Back to Auggie. He says Riley is scared to sleep over Maya’s house on Halloween. However,she goes, but is cowering in the corner. She also freaks out over every little thing. Maya’s grandma is also there and makes a Grim Reaper joke. 

Farkle and Lucas also come by to visit and scare them. This makes Riley realize there is nothing to be afraid of and that she likes Maya’s house.

Auggie then talks about his fear of the monster under his bed. He keeps trying to stay up and get his parent to sleep with him, but they want him to face his fears and sleep by himself. 

His favorite toy ends up under the bed, which leads him to believe the monster took it. He goes to look, and meets a monster named Simon. He ends up freaking out some more, so Cory and Topanga come back to tuck him in.

Simon and Auggie talk and Auggie realizes there is nothing to be scared of. He gives Simon his toys he thought he lost and Simon disappears.

The show ends with Auggie telling us to face our fears. Join us next week for more Girl Meets World. Goodnight.

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