Hello, and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. Tonight, we go back to the 1960s, which makes me wonder if this episode is going to be similar to the one where Cory was mistaken for a Russian spy named Brad Pitt.

The show opens with Cory teaching them about the 1960s. The class is bored and give Cory ideas about how to make class more exciting. He says they are going to visit the 1960s and give a report. They wonder how this is possible, so he tells them to learn from a relative alive  during that time.

We are in 1961. Farkle is a hippie named Ginsberg and Riley seems to be some sort of reporter named Rosie. Yes, this is exactly like the Boy Meets World time travel episode. 

Farkle/Ginsberg fills Riley/Rosie in on who’s who at the bar. She meets Maya, who is a flower child. 

Back to the present day. The gang talks about their progress on the project. Riley, Farkle and Lucas all got stuff from their families while Maya is inspired by an art book. Lucas gives her some words of encouragement and she tells him he is going to make someone a good fortune cookie. 

Farkle takes a picture before they leave. Maya leaves her book behind because she thinks she won’t be good enough to have art like that.

Back to 1961. Flower Child Maya is reading Riley/Rosie’s book. They chat a bit and Flower Child (named May) mentions Topanga Canyon. Riley/Rosie writes it down because she thinks it is a name for someone you will love. 

May sings and plays the guitar. Riley/Rosie is enchanted by the performance. 

Merlin the Cowboy/Lucas performs as well.

Present day: Lucas talks about how his grandfather was a country singer. He says he never said anything because he didn’t want any more nicknames from Maya. She of course comes up with a new one.

Lucas plays the record, which is actually pretty cool. It flips between present day and 1961, which is even cooler. 

In 1961, Merlin introduces himself to May and Rosie. Ginsberg takes a picture. 

Merlin leaves and encourages the girls to keep doing what they are doing. 

After Merlin leaves, May says he will change the world, but she won’t change a thing. She gives Rosie her guitar and leaves. 

{sidebar id=8}Present day: Lucas shares how his grandfather went to jail, while Riley reads her grandma’s journal. She realizes that history is a continuation of the past. She says her grandma gave her her mom and her dad his wife. She also gives Maya the guitar, which she uses to make a song about Lucas. 

Later that day, Maya goes back to the cafe to get the book she left behind. She opens it and finds a picture from Riley encouraging her to live her dreams.

Riley shows Topanga the passage about the origin of her name. It is sweet and allows Topanga to learn a bit more about herself.

At school the next day, Farkle talks about his grandfather Ginsberg. It turns out all their grandparents were at the same cafe (where Ginsberg worked) at the same time in the same year and the same month—and all knew each other. 

Maya says she comes from a family of people who give up and doesn’t make friends. Cory says she can change history. Don’t let your history be one of missed opportunities. Learn from the past.  Maya realizes she doesn’t want to be like her family.

Farkle says his grandfather took pictures of things as they happened.

The next day, the kids are at school very early. He says they will learn about 1963 and he starts giving the Martin Luther King speech. 

What a beautiful episode! Join us next week for more Girl Meets World. Goodnight.

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