Hello, and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. Tonight we are back after a brief hiatus and if the previews of any indication, it will be better than ever.

We open with Cory holding a gift in front of his class and ask who wants it. Everybody but Maya raises their hand, which makes Cory wonder if she is playing hard to get. She says she is and makes some sort of reference that makes Farkle happy.

The gift goes to Riley, who gets a picture with the words Trojan Horse on it. Thus begins a lesson about never assuming and not judging a book by its cover. Lucas also gets a gift with a get out of detention free card. He gives it to Maya, who realizes it is fake. Cory reiterates the lesson about not making assumptions. 

The gang watches Farkle compete in a debate competition against Smackle, the girl who is in love with Farkle. 

Smackle wins the debate, which crushes Farkle. She asks him out, but he turns her down. It is her turn to be crushed, so she vents to Riley, who invites her over to hang out. 

Auggie comes home upset over his friend Ava dumping him. Topanga tries to comfort him, but he says she and Cory ruined the idea of love for him forever.

Maya and Riley  give Smackle a makeover. She looks beautiful, but tries to also change her personality….we all know how this will turn out.

Lucas wants to join the debate team, but Farkle’s friends don’t want him to because they assume he is just a dumb jock. Farkle says Lucas is his friend and lets him joint. 

Maya and Riley go to get Farkle so that they can introduce him to the new Smackle. He, however, thinks that this is part of the debate of beauty being only skin deep and that the girls have been played. His feelings toward her don’t change, but when LUCAS comes by, she falls all over herself. Farkle decides to use this to his advantage for the debate.

{sidebar id=8} Farkle goes to talk to the girls. While he waits, he gives Auggie advice on Ava. Riley also talks to him about the issue using the lesson from class.  This helps him realize everything is fine.

Topanga realizes she married a Feeny. 

Farkle says he loves Smackle as an archnemisis and feels that the makeover might ruin everything at the next debate.

Debate day comes. Lucas and  Farkle reiterate Cory’s lesson on assumptions and outer beauty. Smackle says beauty real is only skin deep. She actually brings up a lot of good points about being swept away by outer beauty. 

At the end, Smackle his Riley, who gives her a ribbon. 

The show ends with the kids eating at the bakery. Smackle asks if Farkle would still like Maya and Riley if they weren’t beautiful. He says he never noticed their beauty.

Join us next week for more Girl Meets World on Disney. Goodnight.

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