The Amazing Race Canada: Recap For September 16, 2013

amazing race canadaThe Amazing Race Canada
Recap For September 16, 2013

Tonight's the night! One of our intrepid Canadian teams is going to take the prize and the battle will be fought back in Ontario, near where it all began.
This race has been a treat for Canadians, portraying out beautiful landscapes and unique culture, for many it was a chance to see areas they didn’t even know existed in this vast country.

The final three teams have had their work cut out for them the last 11 weeks and all deserve to be there.

The Tim's started off with the concern over Tim Sr.'s Parkinson's disorder, while the sisters Vanessa and Celina have been the perpetual underdogs, but have proved their mettle when it was needed. The brothers Jody and Cory have been an inspiration for everyone as their strong level of teamwork and cool demeanors have allowed them to tackle every challenge with ease. This finale was sure to be a battle royale and the winners will be very deserving indeed.

Teams start off still in Cape Spear with its stunning coastline and vast history and their first clue sends them to the airport to get on a plane for Toronto, Canada's largest and most multicultural city.

Jody and Cory are starting the race in first, and it is clear they are running strong now, but Celina and Vanessa aren't far behind, could this be their first time coming in first? It would be a good time to reach that milestone!

All teams end up at the airport together, meaning they will all hit the ground running at the same time. But first, Air Canada upgrades them all on the flight as congratulations for making it to the finale and they all enjoy the plush first class seats and food for their final flight of the race.

Once in Toronto, they have to find a woman in a maple leaf cap outside the airport to get their next clue and the sisters are first, with the boys just behind.

With the next clue, teams are heading to downtown Toronto, where 25 new skyscrapers are being built, including the L tower, a 57-storey building where the next clue is waiting at the base.

Jody and Cory reveal they want the money to help their mom, who suffers from Fibromyalgia and my respect for them doubles, for two sons to be so selfless in caring for their mother.

Faced with what they assume is their final roadblock, one team member will have to repel face first down the skyscraper and Vanessa, Jody and the younger Tim take on the task. They are all scared, though Jody is most concerned about one of his legs falling off, which is understandable, but somehow against all odds and natural instincts telling them otherwise, they manage to all do it.

Their next clue is a Cadbury Caramilk chocolate bar, directing them to the chocolate factory where they will have to search for the golden bar to give to the president who will give them a key to a safe and their next clue.

The girls get a cab first while the boys all struggle trying to find the address of the factory at hotels.

The girls first impression is of how good it smells in that factory and I can only imagine.
Vanessa soon runs into trouble though when her nail polish requires her to wear gloves, which make it impossible for her to open the wrappers and the boys soon catch up.
Tim Sr. runs into his own trouble with his Parkinson's causing his hands to shake when he tries to open each package, but his son steps up and keeps him from getting too upset and it pays off when they find the golden bar first.

Using the key, they open the safe to get their next clue, which is the Toronto Zoo. Teams will have to search the grounds for the clue box before moving on. While this may seem easy, the zoo has 10 kilometers of paths to cover, which makes it a bit more daunting. The Tim's try to be logical about it, choosing target areas to search, but it’s clear it could be anywhere.

Meanwhile back at the factory, the girls finally find the golden bar as well and are on their way, with the boys hot on their heels.

There is one thing that must be mentioned about Toronto, the reason why I tend to avoid the city because of the headache it causes, I’m talking about the traffic. Getting anywhere in Toronto can be a darn nightmare on a good day and the sisters and brothers both learn this the hard way. With their cab drivers each choosing different routes, somehow they arrive at the same time and employ the same logical reasoning in searching for the clue that the Tim’s did and peel off for the Giant Panda exhibit. Unlike the Tim’s however, they actually go into the area and both find the clue quickly.

Now they are both off to the Evergreen Brick Works.

Vanessa and Celina were smart enough to ask their cab to stay and wait for them, so they are on their way quickly, while the boys wait for a cab to come for them, and the Tim's still hunt for the clue.

Once at the brick works, they are faced with another roadblock, requiring a good memory as teams will need to match all of the provincial flags of the provinces they visited with their provincial flowers, which teams should have noticed each greeter wearing at every pit stop.
Both the sisters and brothers are assuming the Tim’s are way ahead of them, not realizing they have now long surpassed them and both Jody and Celina are shocked when the father and son team arrive at the location.

Cory and Vanessa are both struggling in their matching, so Tim Sr. does have a chance, it all depends on how good his memory is. And as luck would have it, Tim has been paying attention as they went along, though he doesn't have access to his notes. Despite this, he pulls it off on only his second attempt, quickly surpassing the other two teams.

The final clue directs them to Olympic Island, the finish line in the race. This will require them to catch a ferry that leaves every thirty minutes, leaving a small bit of room for other teams to catch up. And just like that Cory finishes his matching and suddenly we have a real race going on.

With only eight minutes to spare before the ferry leaves, its a nail biter as to whether the brothers will make it in time or not. Keeping us all on our toes, but in the end it’s the Tim's running it home for the win, and so it is done.

A race well run by all with worthy teams and formidable challenges, and it all comes down to a wise father and his plucky son.

Congratulations to the Tim's, and good luck in the future!

The final tally is:
1. The Tim's for the win!
2. Jody and Cory
3. Celina and Vanessa

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