The Amazing Race: Recap For October 13, 2013

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Recap For October 13, 2013

Hello and welcome to another week of The Amazing Race on CBS. Last week, we said goodbye to theater workers Rowan and Shane. This week, it is back to being anyone's game as we travel to Portugal.

Former NFL players Chester and Ephriam are the first to leave, followed by Leo and Jamal, Brandon and Adam and Nicole and Travis. Everyone goes to book flights and it turns out that Nicole and Adam are somehow able to get the earliest flight.

Chester and Ephriam are put on a flight for the wrong day. Luckily, the travel agent got them a better flight to get them there at 7am.

Jason and Amy are the next to leave, and get into a cab that hits something. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

Tim and Danny, Ally and Ashley, Tim and Marie and Nicky and Kim leave next.

The ice girls and the cousins meet up and hug. They consider adding Tim and Danny to their alliance and on the same flight as them. They all agree to work together but not say anything to anyone else. However, Tim and Danny have a feeling they are not to be trusted….

Marie approaches Tim and Danny to find out what they are up to.

Ephriam and Chester's booking agent also helps Brandon and Adam get on the same flight with the Oklahoma boys.

The Amazing Race: Recap For October 13, 2013

More trouble for our NFL boys. Their connecting flight is delayed in Madrid, so they have to try and find an optional flight to get there. They finally get something and hope for the best…..and then are delayed again.

Nicky and Kim try to get on the standby list, along with Amy and Jason and Tim and Marie. Since the line is confusing, they argue over who should be taken care of first. Nicky and Kim are on the standby list first, which upsets the others.

Once in Portugal, there is a mad rush for taxis to find the first clue.

The first clue is to figure out that the painting is directing them to Museli Nacional Dos Coches. Once there, they will get the next clue.

The detour will have them put together a life-size puzzle to get another or  measure the distance Magellan used to get to ten destinations.

Amy and Jason and Nicole and Travis work together to get the next clue. Everyone else is in various stages of the leg, trying to get to where they have to be. Nicky and Kim are on the puzzle stage, while Tim and Danny just landed. The NFL guys are in London, trying to get to Portugal.

ROADBLOCK! They must dress as knights and hit a shield 150 feet away.

Amy and Jason complete it first and then are sent to Castelo Dos Mouros for the next pit stop.

Travis is struggling, but Nicole is telling him to carry on and not get frazzled. He finally gets it and are sent to the pit stop.

Amy and Jason fall behind, allowing Travis and Nicole to get there first and win a luxury vacation.

The Amazing Race: Recap For October 13, 2013

Jason and Amy get there second.

The rest of the teams are running around trying to catch up. Tim and Marie finally arrive and consider using their express pass.

Chester and Ephriam are in last place….and are again told their flight is delayed.

Nicky and Kim are currently in third place and must complete the knight challenge.

Adam and Branson are still on the puzzle detour, while Tim and Danny complete the Magellan challenge. This puts Adam and Brandon in fifth place.

Nicky and Kim  check in and are in third place.

Tim and Danny are in fourth place….and must do the knight challenge. They think they will be there awhile.

Tim and Marie ask for help to get them where they need to go.

The ice girls and the cousins are trying to work together but are struggling.

Tim and Danny are team four.

Brandon and Adam are team five.

The cousins and the ice girls finish the puzzles and move to the next clue. Leon and Jamal are team six, the girls are team seven.

Tim and Marie are team eight.

TAR Last PlaceChester and Ephriam finally get to Portugal and are met by Phil at the airport. He tells them they are the last team to arrive and they are eliminated. They are sad it is over, but are glad they experienced it.  I feel bad they didn't even have a chance at this leg of the race.

Join us next week for more of The Amazing Race on CBS. Goodnight.




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