Hello and welcome to The Voice on NBC. Tonight is night two of the Knockout Rounds and with three steals left, it is truly anyone's game!

Team Adam is up first with Lina Gaudenzi vs Preston Pohl. We get a look at their rehearsals and then hear Lina sing I'd Rather Go Blind. She has a jazzy kind of voice and reminds me of Cami Bradley from America's Got Talent. I like her style and sweet personality.

Preston sings No Woman, No Cry. He wins me over with the first note. He has soul, he has passion, he has a bit of rock….and he has my heart at this point. LOVE him!

Blake: He loves Preston's performance.

Cee Lo:  He is a Preston fan and thinks Lina's song suited her.

Christina: She wishes she saw more of Preston, but loved Lina.

Adam: This just got more difficult.

The Choice:  Preston

EG Daily and Ray Bourdeux are up next. She kicks off the round with her rendition of I Can't Make You Love Me. It is so beautiful and it is nice to hear her do something that is not a voiceover. However, she will always be Dottie and Tommy Pickles to me.

Ray sings Hard To Handle and brings the rock and roll factor to the round. He is cute, has kind of a naughty prep school boy vibe to him and something about his voice has me smiling and singing along.

Christina: She liked them both, but is more Team Ray.

Cee Lo: He gives them both some good words of wisdom.

Blake: He compliments both of their performances and jokes that Ray makes him feel like less of a man.

The Choice: Ray

Team Christina's Anthony Paul and Jacquie Lee are next. Anthony kicks things off with The Other Side. He is another one who is like a baby Usher. I love his voice and am impressed that someone so young has such incredible talent.

Jacquie sings Stompa. I like her, and I like her voice, but I would not have chosen this song for her. It was not her best performance, but she did prove to have some Mariah qualities.

Cee Lo: He points out some places for them to improve, but chooses Jacquie.

Adam: He likes them both, but chooses Jacquie.

Christina: She sees a lot of herself in Jacquie.

The Choice: Jacquie

Team Cee Lo's Stephanie Ann Johnson and Tamara Chauniece are up next. Stephanie starts the round with her version of Don't Know Why by Norah Jones. She has the diva factor and reminds me a bit of Jill Scott. I like her, but not sure about this song for her.


Tamara's version of No One fares better and she also seems to scream DIVA. Win or lose, both of these girls have bright futures ahead of them.

Adam: It all comes down to song choice. Stephanie was good, but a bit unfocused, but Tamara is most improved.

Blake: He thinks Tamara is awesome.

Christina: They are both original.

Cee Lo: He loves both of them and gives them high compliments.

The Choice: Tamara

The Steal: Christina takes Stephanie.


We are back to Team Adam. James Wolpert sings More Than A Feeling. Is it me, or are the performances getting better as the night goes on? I am loving this tonight. He is another rocker-preppy guy, which is the kind of look I love and his voice? Incredible.

Juhi sings I Heard It Through The Grapevine. She really owns the stage and has a strong, commanding performance. It is obvious how much she wants this and how much she loves to perform.

Christina: She gives them pros and cons, but is team James.

Cee Lo: He likes them both, but prefers Juhi.

Adam: James did not do perfect tonight and notices Juhi took notes in rehearsal.

The Choice: James.

Blake's final two singers sing. Austin Jenkles performs I'll Be, which is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is hard for me not to be biased since I love the song so much, but Austin can sing the phone book and I'd love it.

Brandon Chase sings Even If It Breaks Your Heart. He is sweet and seems to really loves to perform. There is an obvious improvement the more he is on the show.

Christina: Austin had power all the way through, but Brandon was a bit pitchy.

Adam: He likes them both.

Blake: They both had pitch problems but handled it differently.

The Choice: Austin

Team Cee Lo is back, this time with Caroline Pennel and George Jorga. She sings The Way I Am and just knocks it out of the park. He sings Because Of You. His performance is a bit flat, but he has the look and personality to make the teen girls go crazy.

Blake: George was flat, but Caroline makes him want to cozy up and listen to her.

Christina: She thinks George has star potential, but there is something about Caroline that draws people in.

Cee Lo: He gives them each the pros and cons of their performances.

The Choice: Caroline

Christina's last two singers finish out the night. Matthew Schuler sings Cosmic Love and seems to just wake the room up. He just pulls us in and makes us pay attention to him.

Will Champlin sings When I Was Your Man. He is relatable and really passionate, but this is a really hard song to pull off. I have to admit, he has some good range and strong vocals.

Cee Lo: The both get standing ovations.

Adam: He gives them both some great compliments.

Blake: He realizes this is what he has to compete against.

Christina: This was a lot to take in.

The Choice: Matthew

The Steal: Adam steals Will

Join us next week for the LIVE shows. It's The Voice…Monday at 8pm, only on NBC.


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