Big Brother 15 Updates "Head of Household Competition Part 2" 7:00 PM BBT, Wednesday, 7-03-13

Andy keeps on Elissa reminding her that she is a yoga instructor and keeping her hustling.  He says that they have this and they are still neck and neck with Aaryn and Jeremy.  Andy says that he can touch the ball.  GinaMarie tells Jeremy to reach with his long fingers.  Andy tries to get it, but Jeremy's fingers are longer and he gets the ball.  He yells, "I got that ball, baby!" and holds up the HOH ball.  Jeremy or Aaryn is the new Head of Household. They must now decide who will reign for the week.
{sidebar id=8} I'll let you know which of the two is in the HoH room as soon as they let us know. Stick around, it shouldn't be long.  Still Trivia.