HOH: Same people,Andy,Spencer,McCrea, and Judd. Talking about the girls being movie stars. The only one that might for her body is maybe Kaitlyn, but her face is not really model ready.


They say that GM was smoking hot when she came in the house, But now she is far from pretty and she gave up.


Aaryn was like an angel but dammm she changed. They laugh.


They say Aaryn is controlling. 


Judd gave Elissa a hug and GM almost ripped my head off. She was so pissed.


Andy why don't you get mad when Jeremy says Faggit and such. He says cause I'm a high roller and it takes a lot for me it get pissed.


Amanda returns, Judd leaves.


Now Howie (Howard) enters the room. 


Amanda says girls are always like that. Their call Queen bees and Wanna Bees.


they talk about Kaitlyn always saying she hates Jeremy but she is always up his Ass. she is such a lair and she wants his dick.


Now talk ones into tomorrow and seeing Julie Chan. McCrea says I get to see her lol.


They think Elissa talks to much garbage.


They say Nick needs to go again. 


Spencer says he would rather get my ass whooped then go to bed with Candace. They laugh.


Howard says that he is not sleeping with Jessie anymore. I will sleep in the have not room.


They say that the other group bullied Elissa and Helen for their beds and they had to give them up which they were have nots and Gould have had those comfy beds and not the couples.




Judd returns to the HOH room.


He said that the patch is working and he wants to put one more patch on. They laugh and Judd says I can't cause that would be more nitcatine then I evern smoke.



Spencer,Andy and Judd leave. They say good night. Amanda and McCrea are in bed. HOH lights go out.