Big Brother 15 Updates, Nick gathers more Info   10:30 pm BBT Saturday 6-29-13

HOH:  Nick tells McCrae he is taking a bunch of s**t about her.  He says it is going pretty smooth but need to get the numbers right.  He says it will...  They see Andy and Nick runs into the bathroom.  McCrae leaves and goes to the lounge with Andy.

Lounge:  McCrae says everyone seems to have a connection to someone famous.  He says he feels he is the only one that didn't have a connection - says he drives a f*ing Saturn.  Andy agrees.  Andy whines about how insensitive people are and thinks it might be because he is a have-not.  Elissa walks by and they wish her a good night.  They whisper about how nice it is to talk to her.  They talk about how everyone in the house are so spoiled.  The discuss Jeremy living on a boat in this day and age.  Andy says Helen may have money, but she doesn't ever brag out it.  McCrae says she is just down to earth.  

Helen is paged to the DR... again!  Andy says she is getting lots of DR time. He tells McCrae that Spencer hid a beer in the fridge for Judd when he is a Have.  Nick is told to put on his mic.  McCrae excuses himself and goes outside.

{sidebar id=8}Small World:  Nick primping, Gina on the floor looking to see if anyone is there.  They put a towel on the floor at the door to block sounds.  She tells him that it seems like someone and Andy are on their own.  She says that Jessie was rubbing oil on David and no girl should be doing that.  She says "we" are the strongest six in the house.  She says Howard and Spencer are floaters.  He asks Gina if they won HOH who would go.  Gina says Amanda and Candice.  She says I would rather have Jess (inaudible).  She is a girl that needs a guy to protect her.  She again says we have the strongest alliance to get to the end.  She says three on the block, six of us, how many left.  She says you, me, Howard, Spencer, Andy, Helen (oh dear how wrong you are) McCrea doesn't vote.  We have six against four.  We could vote out Elissa and have David.  Nick says who is working with Andy.  Gina says she thinks Helen.  Gina says Candice can also vote.  Nick says that makes sense.  

She talks about possible teams for H/HN and wants to grab Jeremy and Kaitlin.  Nick asks again who would be on H/HN team.  They hear voices outside, Gina jumps up to change into her pajamas.  Quiet again, they talk.  She says Spencer will also vote Elissa.  She says she doesn't think Spencer would vote out David.  She says he is a floater and Nick agrees.  Gina is smiling, excited and happy that Elissa is out of here (poor girl).  Nick says we're good and gets up to leave the room.  He says it's legit, she says real legit.  She tells him to be careful (inaudible).  They fist bump and he leaves the room, giggling.

Hot tub:  Judd, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Amanda and Jessie.  Gina comes out and joins them.  Gina wants to play spin the bottle.

Kitchen:  Howard, Nick and Candice.  Howard having a protein shake.  Nick eating cereal.

Pool table:  Helen and Spencer playing.  Andy watching.