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Recap For June 18, 2013


Hello and welcome to all. Tonight will be among other things, nerve wracking, gut-wrenching and emotional. Cat enters the stage and says that the top 20 will be revealed tonight. The judges sitting behind the panel this evening are ballroom choreographer MARY MURPHY, executive producer NIGEL LYTHGOE and ADAM SHANKMAN. Nigel is worried that this season they are making some investments in people whom they are worried wont be able to cope with different routines. Fik-Shun is up first to go into the gauntlet. It is shown that he was very successful through Vegas week.

As he enters he is still experiencing serious doubts. Nigel says unfortunately he is not a trained dancer. Fik-Shun says he is willing to work as long as he needs too. Nigel then tells him the good news that he made the top 20!! Fellow hip-hopper Emilio gets some good news also. Markus Shields is up next on the green mile, sadly Markus will not be a member of the top 20. The final hip-hopper left is Mariah. Twitch comments to Mariah and says that they have not had a lot of success with female hip-hoppers. Clearly they think they will have success with her because she is in the Top 20.

Cat says that they have some bad news. A few days after filming Emilio suffered an injury that has caused him to have to pull out of the competition. She is proud that they still have two strong hip-hop dancers. They dance a hip-hop routine choreographed by Luther Brown. Nigel "Great choreography from Luther" "We really haven't had a good hip-hop girl in years.... I thought you were very strong this week" Mary "(To Fik-Shun) There were a few times in this routine where it looked like you were concentrating" "(To Mariah) You dominated that routine."

Up next is the contemporary batch. McKenzie is up first. She says that it was a dream for her to see people that she admires to say that they admire her. Mia tells her that her potential is amazing. She will be joined in the Top 20 by Jazzmine Harper. Bad news came for Ryan along with two others. Cat next sends in two people Tucker and Nico. Nico stood out to the judges in Memphis. He was the Spanish one who was called Popi!!!!! Tucker also tried out in Memphis after recovering from a serious, life-threatening car accident. Tucker has been given the yes and Nico has been too. That was a new twist that I enjoyed seeing. Two people going in and them both receiving yes. The first four contemporary dancers are going to perform a Stacey Tookey routine. Standing ovation from the judges after that performance. Tucker is very overwhelmed after the performance and is in tears. Mary "seamless choreography from Stacey Tookey" Adam "I was crying and then Tucker stole my thunder" He goes through and gives a criticism for each person to help them but he is unable to criticize McKenzie.

Up next for judgement are the tappers. Alexis auditioned in Boston and her goal was to bring emotion into the routine. She is in the top 20 after dealing with  Twitch's sarcasm. Curtis is up next. He feels as though he has gone over a lot of bumps in the road during Vegas week. Adam tells him the good news that he will be joining Alexis as a member of the Top 20. Aaron... the"third member to the tapper trio" Aaron was cut last season at this point. Aaron when given the chance to say why he wanted to stay he said he wanted to become an all-star. What Aaron didn't know was that Emilio would get hurt and he was number eleven on the judges list. So all the Three will be performing a tap routine choreographer by Anthony (Mourgorato).... i apologize but I don't know how to spell his last name. They are given a standing ovation by all three judges. Nigel states how difficult to choreograph tap. He says that they look like they have been dancing together forever.

The next batch of dancers to be judged will be the animators. I believe I made a mistake in last week recap in saying that Jade was eliminated where he actually wasn't. The two animators Jade and Blu-Print both have pros and cons to them. Jade is more entertaining but has a serious height differential where Blu-Print may be more skilled but lacks personality. Jade has been put through and Twitch tells Blu Print to come back.... and see them in the top 20. These two will be dancing  a creative Christopher Scott routine. This routine also receives a standing ovation from the judges. Mary bows down to them and Nigel says how these were two people he put trust in this season. Adam says how humbled he is to be on the show this season. The next routine on this amazing episode will be a Mia Michaels routine. Who is in my opinion the best choreographer on the show.

Cat decides to meet with some more contemporary dancers. Carlos is up next. Nigel says how everyone he worked for loved him and they will keep loving his performances in the next round. David the other male contemporary dancer has been given a no. Hailey Erbert is up next. We met her in Austin. Her dancing is self-described as sexy, although she says that she has dealt with security issues. Adam asks her how she is feeling. She shows the fact she is nervous. But she drops the nerves quickly after Adam says she is in the Top 20. Malece Miller is on deck and when she is given the cue she is virtually shaking. When she was young her parents went through a serious relationship problem. Mia commands her that she needs to fight and will have that chance in the Top 20. Malece accidentally tells Mia to shut up and then conveniently ends up dancing a contemporary piece with Carlos and Hailey, choreographed by Mia herself.  That routine was easily my favorite of the night. Mary "Carlos I think you are a great dancer but I think there is some work still to be done." Adam "Mia's work is often complicated" "You need to find something deeper in your dancing to include in with your excellent technical skills." Britney and Serge auditioned together throughout pretty much the entire season are going to be split up. Brittney has been sent through but Serge has been sent home. Jenna Johnson is next into the green mile and Jenna has been sent through with Brittney. Jenna is ecstatic because he sisters had been previously cut. There is good news for jive dancer Paul. The Burston Brothers realize the fact that only one can go through. They both would be happy either way but they both will be sad either way. Mary is crying saying how hard it is to do this Gene has been sent home and Alan is through to the Top 20. They will be dancing a cha-cha choreographed by Louis Van Amstel. Standing ovation from the judges after this performance. Adam "We have a very good group on team ballroom." Nigel "Jenna ran off like a velociraptor when we told her she was in the Top 10" . Two spots remaining to fill.

We see who fills them when we return. Amy is up next to go in and hear the news. She was given a premature vote of assurance by Adam when in Vegas he said she was already in his Top 20. Bad news for Jenna and Tessa. The final two in the judgement are Jasmine Mason and Megan. Adam along with both contestants is shaking in his boots. Jasmine is safe and Megan is sent home. These two amazing girls are going to be dancing a Sonya Thieh routine. Mary "It was my favorite number of the entire night" Adam "In Vegas we nicknamed you the truth and you are definitely the truth"

When we return the top 10 guys perform followed by the top 10 girls. We see footage of the guys performing a hip-hop routine choreographed by Christopher Scott. I would best described the routine as a what can you do with sand masterpiece. The only negative I have about that routine is the fact that some people could't keep up with others. I didn't think Blu-Print did very well. Neither was I impressed by Aaron. The definite strong links on that performance were Tucker, Jade and Fik-Shun. Adam "It was great how he focused on some of your specific traits" Nigel "When I die I would like to you to dance that way with my ashes"  Up next the girls attempt a Ray Leeper jazz routine. The theme of this routine is the 1960's  with a twist. Ray raves over the fact that they all look great together. This was maybe the strangest song I have ever seen danced too on the show. But I thought it was well performed. Adam "America cannot wait to have a kiki with you this year"

The Final performance is the top 20 performing with Sonya Thieh. They show footage of all 20 dancers trying to control all of them at the same time.  The performance was amazing, and displayed the fact there are strengths in all 20 dancers. See you all next week when they all have to take it up a notch in their performances.

Top 10 Boys                                     Top 10 Girls

Fik-Shun                                           Mariah
Tucker                                              McKenzie
Nico                                                 Jazzmine
Aaron (Replaced Emilio)                 Alexis
Curtis                                               Malece
Jade                                                 Hailey
Blu-Print                                          Jenna
Carlos                                              Brittney
Paul                                                 Amy
Alan                                                 Jasmine