Big Brother 15 Updates: All the HGs are finally up and about 4:10 pm BBT Sun 9.8.13

Big Brother 15 Updates: All the HGs are finally up and about   4:10 pm BBT Sun 9.8.13

I am late…but I am here and appears have not missed a thing.

GinaMarie is sting outside on the patio.

Andy in the storage room getting something to eat. Judd walks thru asks him where Spencer is. Andy responds taking a shower. Andy puts something on the counter and Judd asks did you clean it first? He says no. Judd says, we have to pressure wash this house. (agreed). Andy says, I know. Judd goes outside to the w&d. Andy soon follows. Now sitting on the patio couch with GM. Talking about nothing important.

No sign of McCrae. Spencer comes downstairs. He says you up? MC making a appearance on the camera. No mic so I have no clue what he is saying. Spencer says they are outside. MC says he couldn’t sleep last night. Now talking about GM. Spenc says, if she made to the final 3 with us. Didn’t hear MC response. And here’s Andy. Asks him what they are talking about. MC whines about being tied to her. Appears she didn’t wash her hands to his liking (which is kind of ironic if you think about it). Andy says this will be good this week we have all week to decide which one to keep. Back to MC couldn’t sleep. Andy complaining how fast GM and Judd fall asleep. (guilty minds usually do have a problem sleeping). Spencer brings up Aaryn. Judd comes in. Andy tells GM to come inside everyone is awake. She says, I am waiting for photobooth. Now all misc convo. Andy and Spence lifting their shirts to show her their bruises.(to the girl that had to have stitches because her leg was split open)

MC doesn’t think they will get the BBQ back (they don’t deserve it). GM is wondering photobooth might be gone too. Talk of the BBQ, turns to bashing Jessie. Not typing anymore bashing…and nothing we haven’t heard too many times already.

Now talking about Christmas . GM doesn’t like it, doesn’t like to spend the money. They like the decorations. They start to talk about Halloween……then……..

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