Big Brother 15 Updates "I didn't throw it" 3:00 PM BBT, Saturday, 8-31-13

Big Brother 15 Updates "I didn't throw it" 3:00 PM BBT, Saturday, 8-31-13


Hoh, GM in the bathroom, Andy on the couch, Eliisa and Judd on the bed. Elissa starts to sing and...


Hoh again. Everyone is happy, and joking around.

Bathroom lounge, McCrandas. Both laying there. She says it would be kind of cool if you win it them we can get ot everyone that put me up. He tells her to tell them she threw it. She tells him no I will not. I did not throw it.


Back to lounge. He says you threw it. She says no I didn't


Amanda says she has a blister, They whisper. Talking about two Vetos. MCCrae said it was done last year.

GM is told ot put on her Mic.

Amanda says she doesn't want to look at that stupid girls face, aa she gives her goodbye message. She take off her yellow top but still had on her tutu. The McCranda's go into ...the grpahics room, pick up some clothes. Amanda goes into the bathroom, and MCCrae is still in the room.

She take off her black tights. He comes in with clothes too. She takes off more clothes but the tutu is still on. She gets in the shower with it and take off the rest of her clothes and tosses them over the shower stall. She starts to take a shower. She compalins abot her hands hurting. McCrae is wandering around.

Judd comes into the bathroom area too. Says something, hard to hear, and then leaves.

HoH, GM, Andy, Elissa and Judd. Andy is talking about how he and Nick tries to do things that would upset Production. They are all talking about things they did that they got warned about.

Talking about singing.


Bathroom, MCCraes in the shower.

Talking about movies.


GM is explaining the movie Hostel.


Back to movies again.

It is this conversation or the showe.

Elissa does not like all the violent movies, they are talking about.

More talk of movies.

Bathroom, McMandas, They are talking about the comp while getting changed in the bathrrom stall. He complains about teh f*cken shampoo.

Back to HoH, talking about BB players and someone that had a music video.

Bathroom, McCranda's. Talking about Vetos. He siad that even that he won, that sucks.

BB tells htem to put on their mics.

McCrae is told to put on his Mic.

They are talking aobut doing something togther, if people like them, like the Amazing race. She is getting him to use hair product on his hair, and he can't seem to get it, so she shows him on her hair.



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