BB15 Updates "Not quite time yet" 11:00 AM-12:00 PM BBT Saturday 8-31-13

BB15 Updates "Not quite time yet" 11:00 AM-12:00 PM BBT Saturday 8-31-13

HOH Room: GM says things happen for a reason, Andy says that part of him wants to go back to week 3.

Kitchen: Judd is going into the rainbow Room. Everyone is asleep but Andy and GM who are in bed together in the HOH.

HOH Room: GM asks if people who get 2nd can get America’s Favorite Player. Andy says he will be enraged if America’s Favorite Player goes to her. Andy says he is happy even though he doesn’t have a ton of money. Judd is coming back up to the HOH. Judd says that he thinks they may be cleaning up. Judd says he made a roast beef and pepper jack sandwich. Andy says that they have survived 11 evictions which is not correct they have only survived 10. They say Rachel got 9th place in her first season. She then managed to win her 2nd season as they all know. They discuss how Caitlyn was an alternate.

Big Brother 15 Updates:  Nominations are in progress  4:30 pm  BBT Fri  8.30.13FISH<<<<<

HOH Room: GM complains about the noise of the balloons. Andy says that he hopes it is a fun veto with no medics. GM says she is so excited that her stomach hurts. Judd is called to DR and they seem surprised. Judd comes and makes the call for Veto. Oh wait it was a fake.

Graphics Room: McRanda head back to bed.

Kitchen: GM calls Judd a jerk for the faulty veto call. Judd is told to go to storage to pick up nail clippers.

HOH Room: GM says how she would like it to be a jersey veto competition. They are clipping upstairs. Judd is trying to figure out why everyone is sleeping down there.


HOH Room: GM complains about toilet paper. She jokes that she has a turtle head “poking out”. Andy is eating granola, I am starting to think that is the only things Ratboy eats. Andy is looking at GM’s nick pictures. Andy says that he is looking at GM’s pictures for strength today. Andy says that GM’s brother Freddy would love him hopefully. Andy says that he can’t wait to watch the show when he leaves. GM says that it is the same way. Judd has made his way back up to the HOH Room. Andy says out of all the early evictees Caitlyn and Nick would have been the best players. Andy says that he thinks Judd was playing a similar game early on. They think that some people who never talked were Candace and McCrae.

Graphics Room: McCrae and Amanda are cuddled up under the covers on the bed they have been in all season.

HOH Room: Andy says he is worried that he could be portrayed as the floater guy who did what he wanted. GM says that McCrae does whatever Amanda wants religiously. He may not have a brain of his own.


McCrae has gone in the kitchen to make some cereal or something for his breakfast/lunch and has taken residence in the Photo Booth Room.

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